Darth Maul and Death Watch Are Back in CLONE WARS Season Five Trailer

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Darth Maul kicked some Jedi ass when we last saw him on the animated series Clone Wars and now he’s continuing his comeback looking even more intimidating in the new trailer for the fifth season of the series which seems to outdo the prequel films in many ways. In addition to the return of one of the saga’s most favorite, and poorly utilized villains, Mandalorian terrorist Pre Vizsla (voiced by Jon Favreau) is back looking for some vengeance of his own after Count Dooku decided to cut the killer loose after he failed to assassinate Obi-Wan Kenobi’s old love interest Duchess Satine. Armed with his kick-ass Darksaber, Vizsla isn’t going to go down without a fight. Honestly, this trailer might be the best thing from the Star Wars universe in a long time. Watch it after the jump!

Here’s the trailer originally from EW:

Personally I like the Clone Wars series more than the prequels because it gives us a chance to dive deeper into the Star Wars universe and explore some of the more abstract and lesser celebrated worlds, characters, and alien races. This is a series that is great for even the most hardcore fan, and the kids love it too. The action is top notch, the voice actors are superb, and George Lucas isn’t added silly little cutesy animals to his Stormtroopers in the balls. It’s a win-win for everyone. The fifth season premiere sometime this fall, but we’re betting on some kind of big sneak peek at Comic-Con this summer, so stay tuned to see if we catch anything in San Diego next month.


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  • VicManMan

    The Clone Wars made me love Star Wars again. And George Lucas’ daughter (I forget her first name) is a way better writer than her father.

  • Lizard King

    Spoiler alert there man! Intro paragraph is chock full of them! I haven’t caught up in the series yet!

    • Yoder

      Stop the Internet! Lizard King is three months behind everyone else.

  • MisterED

    Still, gotta recognize that without the Prequels, Star Wars wouldn’t have become as relevant at present outside of some SW conventions and the usual nerd circles. And obviously, neither would this series (and the previous one made by Genndy Tartakovsky) would’ve seen the light of day without them.

    Presently, whenever you hear people talking about Star Wars in the wild, it usually comes from a child. I’ve find that kids are not that bothered by Jar Jar Binks or any of the crap that bother us adults about the Prequels. They have embraced it and that’s why Lucas can continue to cash in on the toys and other stuff, including this series that shows up on a mostly kid friendly channel.

    Even with adults, whenever I see cosplayers dressed up as SW characters, most of them are wearing outfits or stuff from the prequels. Especially the ones that dress up as Stormtroopers.

    I’ve gotten over my nerd rage from the prequels. It’s all good.

    • Lstgbrnr

      You sir, have class.

    • YoFa

      They’ve embraced the prequels because they’re fucking kids.

  • Originals rule

    HOLY HELL!!! That looks AWESOME!!

    This series is the best thing to happen to Star Wars since the OT! Shame it started off so rocky and kid friendly because it has blossommed into something fantastic. Cant wait for season 5! Looks like all the Maul stuff promised in season 4 is still ahead of us.

  • Tarful

    Damn! I’m sold!

  • Thomas

    I dont get why people think this series is the “best thing since the OT”. From what I’ve seen of it, it’s making the EXACT same mistakes that the prequels made: Bland, unintersting characters, zero drama, an overuse of lightsabers, too much action and not enough attention on plot, story, relationships or character growth and making the focus of the story something that is really irrelavent (in this case, The Clone Wars. Seriously, all you need to know is that they happened. Hell, even Lucas figured that out which is why he basically skipped the war in the prequels).

    Seriously, can someone please tell my why this series is any different from the prequels???

    • tarek

      I could have said it word by word.

      What is the point guys with all this enthusiasm ? All what I see is a video game without interaction.

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  • infinata

    Only Collider.com is brave enough to point out:

    “The action is top notch, the voice actors are superb, and George Lucas isn’t added silly little cutesy animals to his Stormtroopers in the balls.”

    That is an excellent point. George Lucas ISN’T added silly cutesy animals to his Stormtrooper in the balls.

    But that’s not to say he won’t someday added silly cutsey animals to his Stormtrooper in the balls, right? I mean, one day we might tune in and note, “HEY! WHO IS ADDED SILLY CUTESY ANIMALS TO HIS STORMTROOPER IN THE BALLS?”

    I mean, then who looks silly? What with the is added silly cutsey animals? To the Stormtroopers, that is. Specifically, in the balls.


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