April 17, 2014 
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While we were on the set of Grudge, we met a peculiar fellow who went by the moniker of “Ernie.” This guy’s been working as a crew member on adult films and regular films since the early 70’s. He’s seen it all. He’s been there and done that well before most us were dropping logs in our diapers. When Ernie speaks you damn well better tune in and take note. We asked him about the legendary wild party atmosphere of 70’s Hollywood, and Ernie was more than happy to fill us in... ERNIE: Sam Weston... do you know who he was? (beat) We were havin’ this production meeting, and yeah, drugs and alcohol were everywhere on the fuckin’ set. But it was on pretty much every set. I did straight movies and normal movies, and there was quite a bit of partying everywhere in the mid and early and late 70’s... SCOTT: So it wasn’t just localized to the adult industry? ERNIE: No. Hell, no. It was the same shit everywhere. In fact, there was more drinkin’ on straight sets than what was on the porn sets, as far as I can remember. Anyway, we were havin’ this production meeting, and Sam Weston... he called himself “an actor’s director.” That means they don’t know how to direct, usually. They don’t know how to block a scene, but they know how to talk to actors. And Sam was havin’ a meeting, and so on, and he said, “Okay... on this show there will be no drugs or alcohol allowed on this set.” And so I get up and start to walk out the door. So he jumps up and chases me and he says, “Except Ernie! He can have all the drugs and alcohol he wants!” Be on the lookout for more stories and recollections from Ernie right here at Collider! I wish I had that guy's hair. Click below to read other great Vivid/Collider interviews and DVD reviews... Interviews: Paul Thomas 01/31/06 - Mercedez 01/31/06 Part 1 - Part 2 Shylar Cobi 01/31/06 - Lacie Heart 02/18/06 - Tom Byron 02/26/06 Hank Hoffman Shoots Savanna Samson - Hank On Pubic Hair Reviews: Mythology - Out of Place - Karma Pix: Monique Alexander - Mercedez - Briana Banks - Lexie Marie Porn Stories with Ernie: Drugs and Alcohol - Just Light The Dick, Kid