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Paul Thomas Interview 01/31/06
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Bright and early the morning of January 31st, Frosty and I trekked up into the Hollywood hills to be on-set for filming of Grudge, an upcoming adult movie from Vivid Entertainment. While we were there, Frosty and I were able to do some great interviews with three of the filmís key creative players: The star of the film, the beautiful and voluptuous Mercedez (Part 1 & 2), who was finishing out her current contract with Vivid; the very funny and affable Shylar Cobi, producer of several hundred Vivid titles; and Paul Thomas, the multi award-winning director and legend of the adult entertainment industry. Here's the first part of our conversation with Paul, or P.T. as he's affectionately called by his cast and crew. We discussed a number of subjects, raging from what makes a successful porno work to why the new Star Wars movies arenít as good the originals (in Part 2). You can also listen to the entire interview: PART 1 and PART 2. INTERVIEW WITH PAUL THOMAS - PART 1 On the set of Grudge, 01-31-06 Interview by Scott Swan SCOTT SWAN: Paul Thomas... the legend... the man... PAUL THOMAS: (Laughs) SS: When did you first come into the adult film industry? PT: 1974, I think. SS: Do you remember the production? PT: Yeah, it was called The Autobiography of a Flea. It was a very big, very famous production by the Mitchell brothers. SS: They just did a movie a few years back with... PT: The Sheen brothers. SS: Did you like that movie? Rated X? PT: Did I like that movie? It was alright. It was absolutely nothing special. Nothing illuminating. But it was okay. SS: Do you think that thereís been a movie thatís accurately captured the old era? PT: Um, Boogie Nights captured a certain era, for sure. Thatís really the only one that really attempted to get any sort of realistic appraisal. That captured a certain time and a certain group of people very accurately. But it was only that particular group, that particular time that it captured. SS: When did you start directing? PT: 1985... 1986... SS: Is there a particular film that youíve directed that you hold out above the others as possibly your favorite? PT: Yeah. Did one... it won best film of the year called Justine. Itís the story of a father and son... the father falls in love with his sonís girlfriend. Louis Malle, a French director, did a film called Damage. And I got the idea from that. Iím sure Louis Malle got his idea from some place else. SS: But thatís the way art works. You constantly borrow a little bit to create something new. PT: Sometimes I borrow a lot. But sometimes theyíre totally original ideas. Usually itís a combination. But that film, Justine... really works, really is special. The very basic premise, the basic conflict of the film is such a highly sexually charges situation... a father falling in love with his sonís girlfriend. I place that film above all others.
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