Exclusive: Cobie Smulders Talks THE AVENGERS at D23; Talks About Doing a Scene on the Helicarrier with all the Superheroes

     August 20, 2011

Colbie Smothers The Avengers interview slice

At today’s D23 (essentially Disney’s Comic-Con), I got to ask Cobie Smulders s a few questions about The Avengers before the presentation for the fans.  For those that don’t know, Smulders plays S.H.I.E.L.D. executive director Maria Hill in Joss Whedon’s Avengers.   During the interview, Smulders talked about her reaction to getting cast in the film, did she sign a 5 picture deal, a bit on her costume, and she talked about doing a big scene on the Helicarrier with all the superheroes and what that was like. In addition, she talked about How I Met Your Mother and I even got in a Robin Sparkles question.  If you watch HIMYM, you know what that means.  Hit the jump to watch.

Finally, I’m going to be posting a lot more video interviews from D23, so make sure to keep checking back.

Cobie Smulders

  • How many want to talk to her about Robin Sparkles
  • 1:10 – What was her reaction when she got cast in The Avengers
  • 1:25 – How everyone was reporting on the lists of actors meeting on the project
  • 2:10 – Did she sign a 5 picture deal
  • 2:26 – Talks about her costume
  • 2:50 – Talks about doing a scene on the Helicarrier with all the superheroes and what that was like. Says she had one line in the scene
  • 3:30 – How has this season on How I Met Your Mother been going




  • John Roberts

    Cobie Smulders?

    • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub


      • Rick G

        It’s fixed in the headline. It’s still “Smothers” two places in the text.

        Crap like this is why no one believes anything on the Internet anymore. Take 30 seconds before posting to get your facts straight.

  • Jamie

    It’s Cobie Smulders, not Smothers

  • Rick G

    Do you think she would have spoken to you if she knew you had no clue how to spell EITHER her first or last name, or even get relatively close on the latter (it’s Smulders; you call her “Smothers”)?

    You couldn’t have even double-checked her name before posting?

    That’s beyond pathetic, “Frosty.”

  • pplareannoying

    Oh jesus christ get over it people and pay more attention to the great interview.

  • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

    to all those bitching about me messing up her last name…I’m trying to post 13 interviews and sometimes you fuck up. Fixed the mistakes.

    • Rick G

      Dude, you messed up her first name. You DESTROYED her last name.

      It’s understood that you’re crazy busy at an event like that, and obviously there are plenty of people whose expectations are so low these days they don’t care whether anything’s spelled right. It’s just sad when the urge to “get it posted NOW” completely overwhelms the reporter’s responsibility to “get it right.”

      Hey, if that’s the way Collider does things, no problem. Its credibility isn’t shot with “pplareannoying,” and that’s what matters.

      • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

        I NEVER mess up this bad. I always put people’s names in Google. But for some reason, I really screwed up today. This is NOT the way Collider does business.

    • Brandon Avery


      Don’t worry about all the crybabies! They suck, you don’t. I’m not trying to ride your jock but You and Matt (even though I don’t agree with all the time)are freaking awesome. LOVE THE SITE! Some people can’t stand successful people b/c their life sucks and get overjoyed when someone makes a mistake! Fuck them. COLLIDER RULES!!!

  • Mike

    She’s absolutely engaging and adorable.

    • The Train!

      if they ever make a wonder woman movie, she should be cast as WW.

      • Jeff

        Whole heartedly agree! And so does Joss Whedon, since he mentioned it once, somewhere.

  • Merson

    Cobie is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

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  • Your mum

    Hi Sahan.

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  • Una Healy

    I hope Cobie Smulders will play an action heroine in this or at least have one little fight in the movie. Just let her kick a guy in the groin or something.

  • Liv

    She looks drunk…

    She’s beautiful, though.

  • Terry

    She is fucking hot!!!!
    You saw the way she adjusted that mic? OMFG!
    Or the way she pretended she was opening her clothes to reveal her super hero custom? DAAAAAAAAAYUM!!!!

  • Shan

    Seriously, any idea if she was drunk Frosty? lol

    Or is that just the way she talks? Cause if it is, then she’s an awesome actress!

  • Jaris

    She’s hot! Love her on HIMYM and really looking forward to seeing her as Maria Hill.