New Coen Brothers Movie Titled INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS; Scott Rudin to Produce

     August 31, 2011


After dishing out a new film every year for the past year, 2011 will be Coen-less.  But that doesn’t mean the Oscar-winning brothers aren’t at work on their next project.  As we reported over the summer, Joel and Ethan Coen are working on a “music-intensive” project and that the film would be “loosely based one of the 1960s Greenwich Valley folk scene’s most revered names: Dave Van Ronk.”  Variety now reports that the film will be entitled Inside Llewyn Davis and “centers around Llewyn Davis’ struggles as a folk musician during the genre’s 1960s heyday in New York City.”  That pretty much follows what we had heard thus far and it sounds pretty great.  The Coens have heavily used bluegrass (O Brother, Where Are Thou?) and gospel (The Ladykillers) in the past and I can’t wait to see what they do with folk music.

On a related note, the Coen Brothers will reteam with producer Scott Rudin while Studio Canal will co-finance and handle international sales for the flick.  Rudin previously worked with the Coens on No Country for Old Men and True Grit and that worked out pretty well.  Now that there’s financing, hopefully this film will speed into production and we can get our next Coen film by 2012.

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  • plainview

    every director in Hollywood just went “Oh Shit.. Roger Deakins won’t be available next year!”

    i still hope this doesn’t clash with the Bond sched for Mr. Deakins.i sure hope it won’t.

  • Tarek

    Those Coen Bros. are ridiculously talented.

  • Jeff

    Just hope they put effort into it. I hate when they half-ass a movie i.e. Burn After Reading, The Ladykillers, and Intolerable Cruelty.

    • Agent_Black

      There’s nothing wrong with any of those films apart from that they were not quite as outstanding as the film that came before it, or in the case of The Ladykillers, the original. People bitch about those 3 as if they really suck but the fact is, if you take them in their own right they’re better than half the films that come out of Hollywood every week.

      • Lila2

        I completely agree with you, Tarek & Agent Black. The Coen’s films aren’t for everyone. They certainly don’t do anything “half-ass”…”Burn After Reading”? With all due respect, if you understand the Coens, you’d appreciate “Burn”, which I found hysterically funny – Brad Pitt as Chad Feldheimer? Cracked me up. Ranging from the slapstick classic “Raising Arizona” (1987) to a dark, intense “No Country for Old Men” (2007), these guys are incredibly talented. In spite of the two to three that didn’t shine, 17 out of 20 is a pretty amazing record! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • Carl

    “After dishing out a new film every year for the past year…” Seriously? Feel free to go back over your articles before publishing…at least once.

    • Conrad The Great!

      I was going to comment about the same thing!! Opening sentence is an epic fail. To top it off, it’s an article about the beloved Coen brothers!!

      How’s this for a screenplay idea: Matt Goldberg must die!

      Pretty good? I think it has the potential to be a “smash hit”

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  • Ben The Great

    Greenwich Valley folk scene?

    I’ll be generous and say this is a typo…