Watch a Clever 5-Minute Supercut of All the Coen Brothers Films

     February 6, 2015


In the age of YouTube, Tumblr, and whatever other fancy social media apparatus the youngsters are using these days, the “supercut” has become quite commonplace. The general idea is to cut together footage from all the films in a franchise, all of the films of a particular director, or just random movies the creator likes. Frankly speaking, most supercuts are indulgent and lacking any sort of cohesive structure, so they’re not really worthwhile. Which is why this “Coen Country” supercut is exemplary.

A Vimeo user by the name of Steven Benedict has put together a 5-minute supercut of all the films from Joel and Ethan Coen, two of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Unlike most videos of this sort, “Coen Country” is concise and actually pretty clever, as it examines some of the common themes and dialogue structure of all the Coen Brothers films, from Miller’s Crossing to Inside Llewyn Davis, and yes, even Intolerable Cruelty.

The Coen Brothers supercut video serves as a nice reminder of just how incredible their filmography is, and makes me yearn even stronger for their next film, the 1950s Hollywood-set comedy Hail, Caesar!, which is due to arrive in February 2016.

Watch the video below, which again was created by Vimeo user Steven Benedict (via The Playlist).


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