Colin Firth Talks MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT, Working with Woody Allen, Matthew Vaughn’s KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, GENIUS, Comic-Con, and More

     July 23, 2014


Opening in limited release this weekend is Woody Allen’s new film Magic in the Moonlight.  The romantic comedy is set in the south of France in the 1920s and stars Colin Firth as an Englishman brought in to help unmask a possible swindle, as a young woman (Emma Stone) claims to be able to communicate with spirits.  As he spends more time with the girl, however, he starts to wonder if she may not be a fraud after all.  The film also stars Eileen Atkins, Marcia Gay Harden, Hamish Linklater, Simon McBurney, and Jacki Weaver.  For more on the film watch the trailer.

A few days ago I landed an exclusive video interview with  Colin Firth.  He talked about making Magic in the Moonlight, working with Woody Allen, filming in France, shooting at the magic hour, working with Matthew Vaughn on Kingsman: The Secret Service and one of the very cool action sequences in the film,  doing his own stunts, Comic-Con, director Michael Grandage’s Genius with Jude Law, and so much more.  It’s a great interview so hit the jump to watch.

magic-in-the-moonlight-colin-firth-emma-stoneColin Firth Time Index:

  • :12 – Talks about the exhausting nature of the press tour.
  • 1:12 – The difference between talking about the movie you think you’re making while in production, and then talking about the movie that was actually made on the press tour.
  • 2:23 – Talks about the process of acting in front of the camera; what you intend to do versus what you actually do when speaking the lines.
  • 3:95 – The practicality of not talking about the film to press during a day in which he’s shooting.
  • 4:45 – How did Woody Allen cast him in Magic in the Moonlight? Talks about his first encounter with the director and reading the script.
  • 6:18 – Talks about being daunted by the prospect of working with Allen and the amount of dialogue his character had.
  • 7:25 – Says a lot of the things he heard about working with Woody Allen turned out not to be true. Says he was a very engaged and verbal director and even reshot some stuff.
  • 8:28 – Talks about shooting at the magic hour.
  • 9:18 – Says Woody will tell you what he really feels about the footage he’s getting.
  • kingsman-the-secret-service-colin-firth-suits10:33 – Regarding Kingsman: The Secret Service, did he see Liam Neeson kicking ass in Taken and say “I can do that too”?
  • 11:15 – Working with Matthew Vaughn and subverting expectations with his character.
  • 12:00 – Says Vaughn approached him a year before shooting to see if he wanted to do the film, because he wanted Firth to train and be able to do most of his own stunts.
  • 13:40 – Talks about franchise potential for the character. Says the first month of training was agony, but then he started to love it.
  • 14:40 – Talks about a cool fight sequence that is all “single angle stuff” and how it doesn’t “intercut.”  He says it’s a long sequence where he fights a lot of people with one camera person shooting the entire thing.
  • Says he’s shooting Genius later this year with Jude law and directed by Michael Grandage.  Talks about what the film is about.

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