Collider Goes to the Set of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Read a Preview and Check Out a Preview Video Blog!

     July 21, 2009

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Everyone’s laughing. All the journalists invited to the Chicago set of Platinum Dunes “Nightmare on Elm Street” are having a good time. We’re all chatting with producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller when the room goes silent. To our right, we see Jackie Earle Haley in full Freddy make-up walking in to film a scene. He looks like a burn victim and it’s really a sight to behold.

A little over a month ago I attended the set visit for Platinum Dunes’ remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and after the jump you can read a short preview and also watch a preview video blog that I did with Peter from /Film. Take a look:

Have I mentioned I hate preview pieces?

nightmare_on_elm_street_nes.gifWell, I do. The reason is I’m handcuffed from telling you exactly what I did and saw while on a movie set is I’m under embargo. A preview is just letting you taste a small bite of a meal and then after you have started to enjoy the taste, it’s taken away for an extended time. So while I hate making you wait, it’s not my fault.

But if you’re a huge “Nightmare on Elm Street” fan you won’t have to wait too long as Warner Bros. has “Nightmare” as part of their panel in Hall H at Comic-Con. They’re bringing some of the cast and filmmakers, so while I can’t tell you too much, in a few days you’re going to know  a lot.

But back to the set visit.

For “Nightmare” I flew to Chicago and spent a good portion of the night on a soundstage watching filming and interviewing Jackie Earle Haley, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, some of the production people, and we even spoke to the guy who designed the new Freddy glove.

But the best part of the night, we all got to try on the actual Freddy glove prop and wave it around. Trust me, everyone on the set visit was smiling from ear to ear.

slice_a_nightmare_on_elm_street_01.jpgBesides doing interviews, we toured the production soundstage and make-up trailer. We learned a lot about the production, how long it takes Jackie to become Freddy (over 3 hours), and, of course, we got to watch some filming. It was everything you’d want in a set visit and when I can write a detailed description of what I saw, I will.

The most important thing I learned is…”Nightmare on Elm Street” is dark. This is not another “Friday the 13th” which was good but was back to the roots of killing teenagers and providing jump scares.

I also learned that fans of the original film might see a few things specifically for them. I won’t say what to look for yet, but just know the people making this have a lot of respect for the franchise and are making sure Freddy fans get their due.

With the movie not arriving in theaters till next April, you can expect a full set report in February or March.

Finally, as most of you have seen, Peter from Slashfilm and I do video blogs all the time. We just did one for this year’s Comic-Con. While we both went on different set visits for “Nightmare”, we still decided to record a video blog and we discussed more than what I just wrote. Take a look. Also, around 7 minutes and 40 seconds or so we had a technical problem. It’s kind of funny. Watch out for it.

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