Collider Is Looking to Hire a New Intern; Now Accepting Applications

     February 12, 2013


I’ve been working for Collider since 2007, and over the years we’ve added great people to our team.  The site continues to expand, and we are now accepting applications for a paid internship (if you are still in college, we can talk about getting you college credit).  If you’re looking to build a portfolio, get real experience writing about movies professionally, and contribute to our great site, we would love to read your application.

Hit the jump for more details on who we’re looking for, the responsibilities of the job, and how to apply.  We will be accepting applications for one week only.

star-wars-empire-want-you-recruitment-posterIdeally, we are looking for someone who:

  • Is based in Los Angeles; Applicants are not required to be in L.A., but those outside of L.A. will receive a more critical examination of their writing ability.
  • Has a working automobile to provide their own transportation
  • Can work on weekdays and weekends
  • Has a strong knowledge of movies and/or television, and the entertainment industry
  • Can start soon

Job responsibilities:

  • Transcribing
  • Writing news articles about movies and/or television
  • Conducting interviews
  • Office work
  • Miscellaneous tasks

How to apply:

Send a cover letter, a resume, and two examples of your work to  One of your examples must be your take on a recent news story such as a new trailer or casting report.

We’ll be looking over applications over the next week, and hope to hire someone soon.  If you have any questions, please send them to, and we’ll try to answer them in a timely fashion.


  • Leo Spaceman

    Is this an opening for only people who are in the area? Or can the job be done remotely via the internet?


    Although the employees of Collider write Articles and put them online, they still have to travel to places and conduct interviews and stuff like that. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a job you can get paid to do exclusively at home (although that’s what many other online critics do).

  • Leo Spaceman

    That is too bad, I wasn’t concerned about having to work in an office, I was just concerned that a daily commute from Fargo North Dakota might make it a little difficult. I have done a 100 Mile one way commute daily before and that was bad enough.

  • hopeful college grad

    you mean I can get paid to copy and paste trade articles AND get matt goldberg coffee?

  • Toady

    Good luck to all that apply. I have my fingers crossed that someone from the original incarnation of the Cinematical site gets hired. (Meaning, before the Moviefone exodus.)

  • Bruce LeeRoy

    @Hopeful collage grad LMAO But Paid is Paid! I’m a hustler by any means so if I’m getting paid to get coffee I won’t complain.
    I don’t know about you but I was unpaid and paid intern Which one do you think is better? Sounds like a good opportunity But I can’t get from Cleveland to LA unless I get gas money.

  • Noah Lee

    For the cover letter, who do we write down as the contact? Furthermore, is there an address?

    • Matt Goldberg

      Don’t worry about an address, but put it to the attention of Steve Weintraub and Matt Goldberg.

  • Matt Goldberg

    To those who are asking, applicants are not required to be in L.A., but those outside of L.A. will receive a more critical examination of their writing ability.

    • Nathan

      So the period to turn in applications is now over, correct? You guys are now just going to look through applicants and then let them know?

  • Jason Howler

    One has to laugh at the irony of Matt Goldberg doing any sort of critical examination of anyone’s writing. A jackass who can’t even double-check his own work judging other people’s writing is the funniest thing I have ever read. LOL.

  • Manuel Sanchez

    I would love to apply (for college credit too) but not having a car and most of my weekends needing me in order to complete my film production class project keeps me from doing so. :( Hope for another opportunity in the near future. Good luck to those who apply!

  • TonyStark

    I sent in my application, but not in correct form necessarily. I submitted a letter, with two examples of my work. I feel that contributing to a website dedicated to film will keep my interest in film, seeing as how I’m an amateur filmmaker.

    • TonyStark

      Correction, hone instead of keep.

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