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To the surprise of no one, Adam Chitwood, Dave Trumbore, and I gave The Avengers our full attention in the latest episode of Collider’s new podcast, The Collision.  We talked about the film, its record-breaking opening weekend, what it could mean for future Marvel movies, why Marvel needs to bring back Joss Whedon (provided he wants the gig), and the film’s epilogue (we put that at the end of the podcast to avoid spoiling it for people who haven’t seen the movie yet).  Finally, we finished up with our recommendations, and you can check out trailers for those recommendations after the jump.

Click here to listen to the new episode, click here for last week’s episode, and click here to add The Collision to your RSS feed.  Also, we are now on iTunes, and while it’s still not where we want it to be, we’re working on it and I thank everyone who helped us out.  Also, I’m in the process of looking for a new Skype recording program and a good mixing program for PC.  As always, please sound off in the comments section on how we can improve the show. [Special thanks to Jason Barr for mixing this week's podcast]

Dave’s Recommendation: Serenity/Firefly

Adam’s Recommendation: Zodiac

Matt’s Recommendation: Dead Ringers


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  • Kevin

    There is no audio from when Adam and Dave are talking. I believe there microphones were turned off. Good info from Matt at least.

  • Kevin

    Dave and Adam’s microphone are turned off or something. Audio is only coming from Matt.

  • Matt Goldberg

    I now understand the problem. On my home speakers, I come through one speaker, and Dave and Adam come through the other. This is why I’ll be buying new recording and mixing tools this week.

  • davidSETH

    wouldn’t rule out DKR as being able to catch or even break that record… because as I left the theater after the midnight showing for Avengers, there was one thing I instantly noticed was missing that DKR WILL have… the sold out lines for the 3am showings and the following 6am showings that Dark Knight had… not sure about other chains, but Cinemark had quite a few of their theaters running tDK for 24hrs straight!! All Sold Out!! yes avengers has the advantage of 3d sales…but it’s not a reason to see it in IMAX which people are aware of… rises IS the reason to find an IMAX theater and their ticket prices still trump standard 3d! Avengers is great in a fun summer popcorn spectacle kinda way…DKR will have it’s spectacle but I imagine MANY of you all are looking forward to the hypnotizingly cerebral storytelling Nolan delivers with his films that require multiple viewings…which in turn could drive those numbers into the stratosphere!! or i could be way off?

    • Clay

      Amen brother. Don’t ever discount what Nolan has up his sleeve. He doesn’t know how to make a bad film.

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