December 16, 2012


This week on The Collision, we’ll be talking about the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, HFR 3D, what it means for the future of cinema, the rise and fall of fan enthusiasm for The Hobbit, and as always we’ll finish up with our recommendations.

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Adam’s Recommendation: Sherlock

Dave’s Recommendation: Willow

Matt’s Recommendation: Heavenly Creatures


  • Someone

    ” the rise and fall of fan enthusiasm for The Hobbit”

    This is a great example of the media telling the people what to think, what do you mean this statement? I’m a fan and I’m still enthusiastic, and so are lots of other fans. Fuck off with these statements, party poopers.

  • MY oh MY

    Its correct. Rise and FALL, and that’s a gigantic fall.
    At many places, people were leaving cinema when the saw how poorly 48FPS looks like.
    Whats even worse, Hollywod executives and Jackson thought it would be great thing to experiment with 48FPS on such a great story, like Hobbit was supposed to be.

    Media is right this time. If it wasn’t for media hype, we would still be watching great and normal movies like we did for the last 80 years, instead overhyped and too expensive crappy 3D, or now even 48 FPS (HFR).
    If people don’t raise their voices against this terrible new techology (HFR) and if Hobbit and any new upcoming HFR movies earn a lot at boxoffice, we can all say goodbye to nice and normal movies we all loved. These new technologies are just another way of milking even more money from cinema audiences.

    • Someone

      And who forced you to watch with HFR? NO ONE, I watched it normally without 3D and HFR, and guess what, I fucking loved the film. It has some fault for sure, but I loved it. You can’t blame a film for having something like HFR, when it’s completely optional, how short minded can you be.

  • Rocklobstah

    Yeah except no one forced the HFR version on you.

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  • Mrredbirdy

    “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” is a true piece of art. It simply was an astonishing visual experience.
    -What I also adored was the tension in the movie.
    The tension in Thorins life and deeds, the tension in the dwarven history, the huge tension between the powerful but very distinct members of the white council and the tension between Gollum and Bilbo.
    -This movie was pure fantasy lifted to a higher level.
    -The music of Howard Shore is just fabulous again, the soundtrack of him can be easily seen as the best album of the year.
    The Hobbit was however a very difficult movie to make and critics discovered during the making of it that writing negative news over The Hobbit delivered them a lot of attention. This resulted in critics writing negatve review with stupid and meaningless arguments (such as I don’t like the HFR, well don’t see it in that format! or the pacing of the movie is to low, while the pacing is very high in my opinion and the extended edition will solve this) and these bullshit reviews were intensively copied to the letter by all kind of media that want to get public attention from newspapers as “The New York Times” to the lowest gossip magazines. Luckely it are not those capitalistic wolfs as critics that decide if a movie will be beloved by people and everybody that doesn’t want to get attention by a negative review agrees “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” is a magnificent masterpiece that is really adored by the audience all over the world.


    I enjoyed the podcast, but please, for the love of God, Normalize the audio. It constantly goes from too quite to way too loud, and makes it a task to listen all the way through to the end. Basic podcast production.

    And I saw it in IMAX 3D (not HFR) and loved it personally. I’ll never watch any film in anything other than 24fps. HFR, GET OFF MY LAWN!


      *too quiet, not too quite.