THE COLLISION – Episode 17: Sacred Franchises and PREMIUM RUSH

     September 1, 2012


This week on The Collision, the recent news of a remake of Videodrome causes us to explore if there are any sacred franchises that couldn’t be remade, rebooted, or given a sequel/prequel.  Then, in a completely unrelated discussion, we talk about David Koepp’s Premium Rush because we couldn’t figure out a way to find a deeper theme regarding movies about bike messengers.

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Adam’s Recommendation: Brick

Matt’s Recommendation: Breaking Away


  • Dave Trumbore

    Dave here,

    I’m with Adam on this one. PREMIUM RUSH is a fun ride with a weak, undercooked story but an enjoyable and original hook. JGL makes this movie worth seeing and anyone who remotely considers themselves a bike enthusiast will have a blast. As Matt christened it, “Wylie-vision” made me want to play PREMIUM RUSH: The Video Game. (Not mentioned in the podcast – I don’t think – was the fact that JGL literally crashed during a stunt in live traffic that resulted in a cut to his forearm that required about 30 stitches. If you stick around for about 30 seconds into the credits, Koepp shows off a behind-the-scenes video of JGL post-accident – why it’s shot in vertical video, I’ll never know). If it weren’t for a few incredibly violent moments in the film, PREMIUM RUSH would be a perfect summer movie for the family, but still worth a watch by the PG-13 appropriate audience.

    PS: Bustin’ felt good for a while, but the high became less and less potent over time. I’m currently writing to you from ghost-bustin’ rehab.

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