June 12, 2012


This week on The Collision, we tried a little something different.  Rather than talk about a few news stories, Dave Trumbore (@DrClawMD) and I (@MattGoldberg) decided to use the sad passing of Ray Bradbury and the release of Prometheus to talk about science-fiction.  Specifically, we discussed what qualifies as sci-fi, and then we moved on to review Prometheus, which helped me realize the film was far more flawed than I originally thought.

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Dave’s recommendation: The Andromeda Strain

Matt’s recommendation: 12 Monkeys


  • MAC

    I went from liking to hating this film.

    But I love it now!

    So if u have about 15-20 mins then for sure check the “Chris Stuckmann” on YouTube video with Prometheus – Explained title!!

    It’s a must see if u really want to get answers (knid of) of question which we though were never answered in film!! Although he didn’t answer them but he really explained the film very very well & I kinda got it even more, & respect it lot lot more!!
    So many new things came infront of me!
    Please check it out!!

    & please COLLIDER…. Stop hating on films like these!!
    We have enough crap like Transformers, Twilight & Battleship etc & ton of other summer film which are aweful! Atleast Prometheus tried to be smart in a way… even if ur not impressed, we all need to appreciate it!!
    Please film is made not for just random explosion or shit, Atleast they tried to be smart, whether u think they did it well or not!!!

    • Richard of Norway

      Completely agree with you. First time I saw Prometheus, I was LOVING the first half, and completely hated the second half, which left me with very mixed feelings about the movie at the end. But after digesting the movie over time, and seeing it again, I have decided that I really like the movie, in spite of its faults. I can even say I love this movie. And it is very disappointing to have it getting to much disdain and criticism from bloggers and podcasters. /filmcast did the same thing. I want to hear from somebody who LIKED the movie. Where’s Frosty or Peter?

      That said, I enjoyed the discussion about science fiction. You guys are great. Keep it up! :)

  • Zero Renfield

    Really good episode, guys. Really thought-provoking stuff. I’ll be honest: I love the site, but I was kind of iffy on the Collision. I thought it was just going to be another dime-a-dozen podcast. I kind of half-listened to the first part of one other episode, but this science fiction theme was right up my alley; and after listening to this episode, now I almost want to go back and raid the back catalog of your other nine eps. You’re both obviously intelligent, and holy crap, Dave has a background in microbiology? Who knew? Anyway, great insights, all-around. Matt, love your movie reviews. Don’t listen to the haters. Keep up the good work. Long live Collider.

  • MattWise

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast,…I’ve been searching the net for every tidbit of information and analysis I can pick up regarding “Prometheus”, and I liked your comparisons to Lovecraft, Mountains of Madness, etc… Definetly an informed conversation. Now Matt, if you could just stop being a 60 year old man and using the term “For God’s sakes” 5 times a podcast, that would be swell.

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  • Richard of Norway

    Apollo 13 is not science fiction guys.