THE COLLISION: Episode 35 – J.J. Abrams and STAR WARS

     February 2, 2013


This week on The Collision, we talk about the recent news regarding J.J. Abrams directing Star Wars, his previous work, the timetable for Episode VII, how the upcoming Star Wars properties with intersect, and more.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

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Adam’s Recommendation: Congo

Dave’s Recommendation: Cloverfield

Matt’s Recommendation: Searching for Sugar Man


  • mellisa M

    I recommend that jj Abraham’s quit his job as a hack director, hack writer, hack producer, because this fake star wars movie the dumbassses at disney and lucasfilm plan on making is going to bomb. They should have chosen Mathew Vaughn to direct the real star wars episode 7 and have jj stay the hell away from this. No interest in anymore star wars because of this abysmal news, but then again, it won’t be star wars, just like his star trek remake and remake sequel are not star trek at all.

  • ryan g

    Okay other than just dissing Abrams for an hour you havent mentioned many alternatives that would do a better job other than Brad Bird . Its pretty pathetic Matt that your managing editor and all your doing is whining like a 12 year

    • darkwing duck

      Jonathan Frakes, Michael Vaughn, Brad Bird, Tim Burton, George Lucas (I say George, but that was before he chose the abysmal decision of choosing jj) are other choices that would have been much better than jj.

      • ryan g

        …Um seriously Tim Burton? Really?
        Almost took you seriously until you mentioned that talentless hack. I mean say what you will about Abrams but Jonathon Frakes was responsible for the thunderbirds movie.

      • darkwing duck

        Star Trek – Insurrection and Star Trek – First Contact trump the thunderbirds movie big time, so yeah Jonathan Frakes is an excellent director, he directed tons of awesome Star Trek – The Next Generation episodes, Star Trek – Deep Space Nine episodes and Star Trek – Voyager episodes. He knows Star Trek and abrams obviously does not. Frakes would be excellent for Star Wars. Tim Burton has awesome movies like Batman (1989), Batman Returns, inspiration for the excellent series ‘Batman – The Animated Series’, ‘Batman – Mask Of The Phantasm’ , ‘Batman & Mr. Freeze – Subzero’, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Dark Shadows (it was funny, people obviously did not see it), Frankenweenie, The Nightmare Before Christmas (yeah he produced it but it was still his ideas), Beetlejuice, Planet Of The Apes (2001) (yeah that one, it has excellent make up, effects and the battle was awesome), Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street, Alice In Wonderland, and The Corpse Bride. He has only had two bad films, Pee wee and big fish, stupid southern accents in big fish ruined it for me and pee wee is a f*cked up creation. So yeah Tim Burton would make an excellent director for star wars. Tim Burton’s Batman films are miles better than the chicago ladened gotham city nolan batman films.

        Both Jonathan Frakes and Tim Burton would respect star wars and not f it up, whereas stupid jj hack abrams is a hack and that is all he is and he is going to f up his fake star wars movie

        Wow disney and lucasfilm, you people f*ed up already.

  • stacey

    I hate jj abrams, therefore, not interested in a craptacular star wars movie, you think I am jumping to conclusions? i ain’t, all his work jas been crap, so it safe to say his star wars phony baloney movie will be and is crap.

    • ryan g

      Um wow you have some… “interesting” taste in movies. On the Burton note, if your trying to defend him simply listing his movies from imdb doesn’t really prove your point, if anything it only proves mine.

      • darkwing duck

        You ”responded” to the wrong message.

        I never visit imdb anymore, the info there was consistently wrong when I did go to that site. I defended Burton because he is an excellent and unique filmmaker, if you do not see that then that is your loss. I proved my point by seeing Burton’s movies and enjoying all but two of them. If I was referencing imdb, then I would have mentioned everything he has done, such as Mars Attacks, 9 (produced), James And The Giant Peach, Abraham lincoln Vampire Hunter, Batman Forever (producer, supposedly).

        If you have to put quotes around the word interesting, then you clearly have not seen the movies. People say Burton has not done any original work, well Beatlejuice and Edward Scissorhands and a few others were original works. Batman is based off of known material.

        Well then, JJ hack Abrams has NO originality what so ever. Star trek remake (star trek has been around for decades), Star wars fake film (star wars has been around for decades), mission impossible 3 (mission impossible has been around for decades), the roketeer (the rocketeer has been around for decades), cloverfield and super 8, rip offs of many materials like Godzilla, and many alien films. Alias, james bond rip off. star trek remake sequel (again star trek has been around for decades). JJ is a hack, clear and simple.

        Again, you ”responded” to the wrong message.

      • ryan g

        I have seen his movies and most of them are terrible, his only half decent films are the ones which you said are his worst. I like how you conveniently left charlie and the chocolate factory off that list too. Your not telling me anything I don’t already know by listing movies he didn’t even direct (James and the giant peach, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter). Any argument your trying to make about Abrams being a hack is completely nullified by the fact that you think Burton is a good director.

      • darkwing duck

        Wow, you can’t admit you responded to the wrong post, and your ”taste” is quite questionably with Tim’s bad films, you must be a hick red neck then. JJ is a hack, you must like sucking his balls to be a fan of his.

        Left out Charlie And the Chocolate Factory because I did not have to mention every film Burton had done.

        Boy, you contradict yourself, you say I am quoting everything from imdb, and yet you berate me for not including Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, you are such a f*cking hypocrite.

        Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is a good movie, better than the original which Gene Wilder was the only good thing about it. You clearly have not read the book to see that Burton followed it. Listed Burton’s credits that he did not direct to show that he has done good films that he did not direct, you can not understand that, oh well, your arguments are so barren and carry absolutely no substance, they are sh*T like jj. You can not admit it, so pathetic you are.

        You clearly do not read everything, I have said why jj is a hack, you refuse to see or understand it, that or you are a f*cking moron, I am guessing…, I know you are a f*cking moron!

      • ryan g

        I can admit I responded to the wrong comment, I didn’t see the need to bring it up, unlike you I don’t spend every moment of my life on internet forums. You’re telling me I’m on Abrams balls? You’re the one with a throatful of Burton. I never said I was a fan of JJ, only that criticizing him for an hour on a podcast was a little petty, and that Burton certainly isn’t a better option. You didn’t see the need to list all of his movies? Oh, just every other movie then.

        Regarding Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, just because a movie follows a book does not make it a good movie. Fact.

        The fact that you’re resorting to name-calling and swearing just confirms the fact that you’re just a baby having a tantrum. Who here is actually “berating” who?

        I’ve read every word you’ve written, as much as it was a waste of my time. You just have no taste in movies and you really shouldn’t be giving your opinion on who you think should direct what until you develop some.

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  • P2000

    Shouty lispy dude on the podcast – STOP SHOUTING and spitting on the mic man! Seriously dude it makes the recording sound terrible. Also stop butting in when people are speaking.
    Thanks. Other than that, good podcast.

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