THE COLLISION: Episode 39 – The VERONICA MARS Movie Kickstarter

     March 17, 2013


This week on The Collision, we debate about the Veronica Mars Kickstarter, although our debate eventually turns to concerns that go beyond the points I brought up in my recent editorial.  We talk about if fans are investors, the consequences of lacking details at this point in the film’s development, and more.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

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Adam’s Recommendation: MacGruber

Dave’s Recommendation: Shelf Life

Matt’s Recommendation: Indie Game: The Movie


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  • Keith

    This Veronica Mars “debate” was terrible. Nobody had watched the show or has any knowledge of how Kickstarter works. How about educating yourselves BEFORE offering opinions? Is that too much to ask?

  • Chesterfield

    Let’s see where it all goes before getting worked up over the implications or the possibilities of someone taking the money and buying Champagne with them. Why assume Thomas hasn’t thought of that, that he will have to act responsibly with his budget because he knows he will be under extra scrutiny?
    You are using the Veronica Mars movie as an example, and you talk about how very worrying this all is, but let’s see where this goes first. Let it play out, let’s see how much money will go into the making of the film, let’s see what WB does, how the film is received and how it does commercially. Then we can evaluate the promises made. At this point you are in danger of sounding like whiny naysayers.
    Also, if this film is a complete flop then that will be the end of this little experiment. We don’t have to worry about the implications for the future.

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