Collider’s GI JOE 2 Scoop Confirmed

     January 12, 2010


Last week, we reported that Paramount was moving ahead with a sequel to G.I. Joe and then updated the story with the news that Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick would be handling the script.  Variety has now confirmed our report.  While there’s been no mention about whether or not Stephen Sommers will return to direct or if any of the cast will return as well, Reese and Wernick are solid picks.  They’re also writing the X-Men spinoff movie Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds.

On a separate note, Variety does not credit us for our scoop on this story.  We find it frustrating that a respected news organization like Variety would not pay us the professional courtesy of citing our initial report.  Hopefully, they will change this practice in the future.

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  • Keola

    I believe the cast has a three picture deal so if anything they will return.

  • Michael Smith

    Great to hear there'll be another G.I. Joe live-action movie. Hopefully the producers and Hasbro will get it more on the mark the next go around…better characters and costumes…closer to the original 80s tv show or even comic books…closer to G.I. Joe: Resolute would be great. It'd be a good idea to have the Dreadnoks in, as well as Crimson Twins. And for god sakes, make sure Snake Eye's costume doesn't have lips! Weird.

  • tbone

    Don't count on it. I have old editions of Premier Magazine and I just chuckle when I read Hollywood scopes from 11 years ago. Man! Most of that shit never happens. GI Joe? Wasn't that movie a fucking flop(it cost 170 million to make and barley made 300 million. At least it made its money back)? And Zombieland was cool.And it wasn't because of the zombies. It was the narration of the young lead and Woody. Period. End of. Whatever man. I ain't going to see.

  • JoeFan28

    Hm..last I checked, doubling your money (with just US revanue, not counting foreign and DVD Blu-Ray sales, which add another 65M-100M) was not considered 'flopping.” The movie did just as well paying homage' to it's source material as the Transformers films did, with tongue planted firmly in cheek. It's a great popcorn movie with decent writing, a solid cast, and better action than TF2 in my opinion by a slight margin. It was well handled and well updated. I wanna see Joe 2, then I want me a GI Joe / Transformers crossover flick. Let's make it happen Paramount, if done right it could make a ton.

  • confidential

    Please make it closer to the cartoon.

  • confidential

    Please make it closer to the cartoon.

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