May 26, 2014


This week on The Collision, we talk about last week’s news that Edgar Wright had left Ant-Man followed by Drew Goddard leaving Daredevil.  This brings us to a discussion about what this means for Marvel’s future, a rejection of auteurs in favor of a more homogenized vision, studio influence, and more.  We also give our thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

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Adam’s Recommendation: The World’s End

Matt’s Recommendation: The Usual Suspects


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  • Georce Miller

    Matt, your podcast hum sounds more like a bad connection than a cheap microphone. In episode 87 (Spider-Man) the hum stops briefly at 1:15 then reappears in a stuttering manner. That’s got ungrounded mic written all over it. Get the hum going then work the mic jack in and out of the port (no innuendo intended) to see if it stops. Or try a different port if you’ve got one. I’d even open the case and press on the motherboard around the audio input if it’s a desktop box. That type of hum really can be that arbitrary. An hour of that noise really is a lot to ask your listeners to sit through.

    • theBoi

      Careful or he’ll ban you.

      • Matt Goldberg

        No, because he’s trying to be helpful.

    • Matt Goldberg

      It’s recorded on Macbook Air, so I can’t open up the computer. There is no mic jack. It’s a USB headset, and I’ve tried different ports.

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  • The Collision Tech Support

    Hi Goldberg, i like the podcast a lot, but the only technical issue i find bothersome is the different levels of your voices. Yours sound a lot stronger than any other, i don’t know how you have your set up, one problem can be distance, Adam always seem to be very far away, besides the character, intensity and tone of your individual voices, that usually is fixed with distance or with different entry levels for every mic. If you only have one mic a filter for peak control can help to lower where saturation is gained, and a filter to pop up every moment the entry is too low. I have to listen the podcast with earphones at work and it hurt physically a little when you laugh because it gets saturated (not meaning anything else, that’s the point, to be entertainment) so i have to adjust my volume with each one of you. So entry levels and a little bit of software, there must be something on you computer or maybe a free one on the web. I hope the podcast continues and gets better i love when you have guests because it changes the dynamic. Once you explained why Steve cannot be on the show but if you manage to bring the subject again him tell him to feed his fans, he can do 1 show. Thanks and Saludos to you and Adam. What happened to Dr Claw!