THE COLLISION: Episode 72 – Looking Ahead at 2014

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This week on The Collision, we’re at our rambliest as we look ahead at 2014.  In what’s one of the most freewheeling conversations in our podcast’s history, we jump around this year’s release calendar, talk about what we’re looking forward to the most, the biggest question marks, take jabs at the films we think will be rather poor, place bets on what will be the year’s highest grossing picture, and more.  As a side note, our podcasts will be more ordered and structured in the future, but with the same voice you’ve come to expect from us.

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Adam’s Recommendation: The Apartment

Dave’s Recommendation: ParaNorman

Matt’s Recommendation: Zelig


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  • Iam3

    Please!!!!!!! Balance all microphones in the podcast. Some are very load and others can barely be heard. Every time I turn up the volume to hear what one of the guests is saying then comes the host with his load mic and gives me a mild heart attack.

    • Elliott

      I’ve sent iTunes reviews and tweets to them for months, and have gotten tweets back from Matt. But, alas they can’t seem to do what every other podcast has been doing for almost a decade. Which is a shame, because these discussions are great, despite the tech atrocities.

  • Ron

    Is there a reason why I cant download this on my iphone?

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