THE COLLISION: Episode 99 – GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and the Lack of Female-Led Superhero Movies

     August 5, 2014


This week on The Collision, we talk about Guardians of the Galaxy, but we also spend a large portion of the show talking about the lack of female-led superhero movies.  The time for these pictures is long past due, and we break down the ridiculous arguments against making these films.  As always, we finish up with our recommendations.

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Adam’s Recommendation: Parks and Recreation

Matt’s Recommendation: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


  • Strong Enough

    But Feige said they were too busy to make one

  • christopp

    Ugh… diversity is great, but let’s not shove it down our throats. There are several strong female characters in movies. Do we really need a female Spider-Man, Thor or Ghostbusters movie? C’mon.

  • Steve McCort

    It’s easy for people to demand a female lead when they have ZERO investment. Could Marvel make a female led movie? Yep, and I bet they’d do a great job! Do they ‘have’ to? Nope! Marvel currently has an agenda in that these Infinity Stones will culminate into an overarching story. Most recently Guardians introduced one of the Infinity Stones and Dr. Strange will most likely introduce the Soul Stone which leaves the Time Stone introduction in some other movie…. Maybe Age of Ultron? And which of the two said Marvel is broken? Are you kidding!?!? The profits still haven’t even peaked yet and the ”uber risqué” GotG made more in its opening weekend than any other Marvel film. The bottom line is Marvel is going to continue to milk the cash cow until it runs dry. In doing a quick Wiki search I found that Supergirl, Tank Girl, Catwoman and Elektra had a combined budget of $203 Million with a Box Office Gross of just over $157 Million. Elektra is the only movie that made even a modest profit so I’m thinking that may have something to do with the aversion of making a female led Super Hero Movie.
    And will the two of you PLEASE stop looking for a superhero movie to supplant Citizen Kane as the best move ever? It’ll never happen so just lower your expectations and enjoy a giant green guy punch a Norse God in the face at 30,000 feet on an aircraft carrier that defies gravity and laugh with us.

  • NoMoreFemaleTalk

    Thank you to all those down below. I had to turn off the podcast because they would not stop rambling on about the need for a solo female film. Get off it! They can doa female movie if they want but i disagree with what was said below, it will not be a profitable move.

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