THE COLLISION: Episode 100 – Why We Love Talking about Movies

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This week on The Collision, we have reached our 100th episode.  To commemorate the milestone, we get to the most basic aspect of this podcast: why we love talking about movies.  During our conversation, we explore how discussion enriches our understanding of movies, the means of expressing differing viewpoints, controversial opinions, dealing with hype, our favorite films, and so much more.  It feels incredibly rewarding to have come this far, and I think this is one of the best episodes we’ve ever done.  Our deepest thanks to all our listeners.

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Adam’s Recommendation: Bowfinger

Matt’s Recommendation: Sullivan’s Travels


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  • opinionated asshole

    I enjoy your podcasts, and I admit I haven’t listened to this one yet, but I feel like a better topic would have been Robin Williams’ career.

    • Pernell Whitaker

      Probably happened after they completed this podcast. I think a celebration of Robin Williams life and work next episode would be great though.

      • Matt Goldberg

        We recorded this on Sunday. Problems with our FTP meant we couldn’t post it until today.

      • Pernell Whitaker

        Yeah, that’s what I guessed must’ve been the case. Will you be doing a Robin Williams themed podcast?

  • lavaca

    I’m a huge fan of the podcast, and am so happy that the show made it to 100! I think the show is a lot of fun, and it actually inspired me to try and make my own podcast! Congratulations, and I look forward to the next 100 shows :)

  • memphis

    Great podcast…@Matt Goldberg – I can only imagine how many OH-MY-GOD looks you get because of your dislike for Schindler’s List…lmao

  • Steve McCort

    I understand your (Matt & Adam) passion for movies and I think all of those that respond are equally passionate about the movies you reference in your podcasts. We live in an age of social media where we’re all ”journalists” (sarcasm intended) but the huge difference is you get paid to critique whereas we don’t. But that doesn’t trivialize our opinion. We like what we like.

    It seems you’ve guys have been placed on the defensive and gone slightly passive aggressive in this podcast. I think Matt showed his hand when he said he intentionally looked at three negative comments on a specific film and he’ll take the opposite view on a popular topic. Going against the grain just to go against the grain is just juvenile and you’re going to get slammed for taking a negative view on a very successful and critically acclaimed film.

    Apes, Cap 2 and Guardians have flaws and plot holes but they’re Sci-Fi/Fantasy and the suspension of disbelief has to be cranked to 10 before we even walk into the theater. Those three movies made –and are still making- a gazillion dollars and have a collective 90.6% fresh rating according to rottentomatoes but yet you guys crushed them in your podcasts.

    Be a champion for those really great movies that don’t have the $10 million marketing budget but don’t slam the big budget movie because you don’t have a personal connection or some nostalgic nexus or because Marvel is trying to tell a coherent story that spans like 15 movies and retain overall creative control. I guess maybe you could at least take solace in the fact that we collectively respect your opinions so much that we freak out, facepalm and lash out when someone who creates a shit-ton of good articles every week goes off of the deep end in a podcast.

    I like the fact that the two of you took a few opposite stances on some movies for once. I say once, but I’ve only been listening for about six weeks. Two guys agreeing on the pros and cons of a film is a lame podcast. Get two people with two opposing views and verbally duke it out for an hour. Just expect the verbal lashing when one of you take the view less followed.

  • Bryce Forestieri

    Keep it up!
    –A listener

  • randommale7

    I actually really liked Labor Day too though I also saw it at a festival haha, also Schindler’s List is 3 hours not 4, just to be a troll…

  • randommale7

    I actually really liked Labor Day too though I also saw it at a festival haha, also Schindler’s List is 3 hours not 4, just to be a troll…

  • randommale7

    I actually really liked Labor Day too though I also saw it at a festival haha, also Schindler’s List is 3 hours not 4, just to be a troll…

  • Nick Gadman

    Been here since the first, my favourite podcast… hate it when we have to go a week or two without. Keep up the great work!

    • Matt Goldberg

      You’re the best!

  • Christopher Sims

    Love the podcast, discourse about movies is what makes watching them great. I think you guys should do a letterboxd list of you’re respective top movies, and top happy feeling movies and update it every week, since it’s ever changing.

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  • Mau

    Hi, Adam i just saw Broadcast News thanks to this podcast, and it was great! There is a lot of good things about this movie, i wish i could have watch it sooner in life, Thanks and keep the good work! Saludos!

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