Comedy Central Renews SOUTH PARK for Three More Seasons

     November 16, 2011


Cable’s longest running animated series will last even longer as Comedy Central just announced that South Park has been renewed for three more seasons, which will take the series into their milestone 20th season. And as if it needs to be pointed out, series creators, writers, directors and stars Trey Parker and Matt Stone will continue to be at the helm of every single episode. The duo contributed a quick quote of standard publicity fluff saying, “Comedy Central has been our home for 15 years and we love working there. South Park is a blast and we can’t wait to make more.” The show continues to be topical, irreverent and smart in its comedy, and it’s good to hear that we’ve secured another few years with Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny. Hit the jump to check out the press release.

south-park-season-14-image-2Here’s the press release:





An All-New Episode Premieres Tonight At 10:00 P.M.


NEW YORK, November 16, 2011 – Trey Parker and Matt Stone have reached a new deal with COMEDY CENTRAL to extend cable’s longest-running animated series, “South Park,” it was announced today by Michele Ganeless, president, COMEDY CENTRAL.  The deal for three additional seasons ensures the top-rated Emmy® and Peabody Award-winning series will remain in original episodes through 2016 and a milestone 20th season.  Parker and Stone will continue to write, direct and edit every episode of “South Park,” as they have since the premiere of the series in 1997.

“The collective genius of Matt and Trey knows no bounds,” said Ganeless.  ”Week after week and season after season they continue to surprise and delight ‘South Park’ fans, and that includes all of us here at COMEDY CENTRAL.  We’re thrilled that the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman will continue through 2016.”

“COMEDY CENTRAL has been our home for 15 years and we love working there,” said Parker and Stone.  “‘South Park’ is a blast and we can’t wait to make more.”

  • Collin V.

    Wow, didn’t see this coming.

  • I cry u smile

    Nice…. Niccccceeee…

  • Leo

    I now realize why I decided to give up on my math major. i can’t even perform simple math correctly for some reason. Over the next five years we get 3 new seasons. At the rate of one season a year, i can’t figure out how we get all the way until 2016. Also We are currently watching season 15. 15 plus 3 seasons equals 20 season i guess.

    Thank god I quit majoring in Math otherwise i would have to know how to prove that 3 is equal to five.

    • Ethan Anderton

      It’s a good thing I went to a liberal arts college so I can detect sarcasm when I see it.

      The last deal for South Park secured new episodes until 2013. That’s two more seasons. That’s why this new deal for three more seasons extends the series into its 20th season and into the year 2016.

      Glad we figured that one out together.

  • sense 11

    Awesome news, I really wish The Simpsons could stay as fresh & funny as South Park is consistently.

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