Comic-Con: Over 150 Pictures From the Convention Floor Including LEGO, Marvel, Sideshow Collectibles, SUPERMAN Costumes, Props, and Much More

     July 18, 2013


With Comic-Con 2013 officially open, earlier tonight I was able to walk around the convention floor for Preview Night.  In years past, before the convention sold out the moment tickets went on sale, you could walk around Preview Night casually picking up what you wanted, while also checking out the cool new toys.  This is no longer the case.  These days, as soon as the doors open, badge holders rush in to try and buy the numerous exclusives only for sale at the convention.  While I get why everyone is racing to buy things, I do miss the days where it was all a little more casual.

While walking around the convention floor, I was able to take over 150 pictures.  Included in the assortment are pics of Lego, toys, posters, art, comic books, The Walking Dead, the Marvel booth (Thor 2), some amazing Sideshow Collectibles, vintage Superman costumes from the films and TV shows, original props from The Wizard of Oz, James Bond, Watchmen, Indiana Jones, the PS4 and Xbox One, and so much more.  However, while I saw many cool things tonight, I definitely think one of the highlights is the brand new LEGO Delorean from Back to the Future!  Hit the jump to check it all out.

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  • The_irony

    Wow. Over 150 pictures and only 2 has actual comics in it…

    • Snarky

      They could change the name to Fan-Con, would that be better? At least this way people still know of the roots of SDCC in comics. Plus there’s still a big comics section.

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  • BrostavoFring

    On a film blog. What a surprise.

    • Why Bother Anymore?

      They promote films now at Comic-Con. Not Collider’s fault they’re the ones who sold out.

  • Greyson

    haha. Upcoming-movie/TV-con

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  • fwertfwertfwe

    Boyhood Con (job)

  • neil

    you know what? When the images of remake star trek crap and star wars things showed up, I cringed. Want to know why? Because of jj abrahms’ crap star trek remakes and his involvement in star wars, totally ruined two franchises for me. Someone slit jj abrahms throat!

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