Comic-Con 2014: David Fincher and Chuck Palahniuk to Talk about Adapting FIGHT CLUB

     July 14, 2014


This October will mark the 15th anniversary of David Fincher‘s brilliant film Fight Club.  Although Fincher had impressed audiences with Seven and also had a cult hit with The Game, he took his style to the next level with Fight Club—a daring, irreverent, and influential film that came out of Chuck Palahnuik‘s terrific novel.  It should be noted that the book fell under the umbrella of “un-adaptable”, but Fincher and screenwriter Jim Uhls made it work without losing the flavor or even much of the plot.

Comic-Con has announced that Fincher, Palahniuk, and Doubleday executive editor Gerald Howard will be in attendance to talk about how they brought the book to the screen.  There will also be “special guests”, and while I’m sure some are already thinking about the stars, I’m wondering why Uhls isn’t on the panel.  Whatever the case may be, I’m going to try my best to make this.  The panel is on Saturday, July 26th from 7:00pm – 8:00pm in room 25ABC, a room that only holds about 480 people.  Hit the jump to check out the trailer.


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  • chris

    Matt, Fight Club was probably heavily re-written by Andrew Kevin Walker(who did not get writing credit because of WGA)

    it may be one of those great movies where the credited writer wasn’t really that much responsible for the script that turned into film.

    Jim Rash won an oscar for Descendants, but it is generally known that Payne did a page 1 re-write.

    also Matt, waiting for the DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES collision episode!

    • Matt Goldberg

      Didn’t know that about AKW. Also, that’s interesting since they gave Uhls and Palahnuik a shared commentary on the DVD/Blu-ray.

      And we’re recording that episode tonight!

      • God’s Diamond

        If you check the credits for fight club there’s three characters, I think the cops interrogating Norton and threatening to castrate him don’t quote me cut I haven’t watched it in years, and they are named andrew, Kevin, and walker so that Fincher could subtly give credit to akw for helping with fight club

      • jenniferjtai

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    • theseeker7

      well Fincher was perfectly open about Walker having done uncredited work on the script (as he did on many of Fincher’s films in the wake of Seven), but I don’t know about “heavily rewritten”…

  • WAldenIV

    I read the book for the first time last year and was surprised at how faithful the movie was. Much of the dialogue was taken straight from the book.

  • theseeker7

    easily top 10 movie of the 90s (probably more like top 5, but I’m trying to be magnanimous here :-p