2010 San Diego Comic-Con Posters for Paramount Pictures’ CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and THOR – UPDATED

     July 20, 2010


Paramount and Marvel have just released new Comic-Con posters for Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor.  As you can see above – and in more detail after the jump – it’s not your typical movie poster as it’s concept art rather than actors in costumes.   However, I dig both of them, and if I were to find a way to get them at Comic-Con, I’d be pretty happy.  It’s always cool when the studios do things for the fans, and these posters definitely qualify.  If you’re going to Comic-Con, I’d imagine at some point these will be available either on the convention floor or in the goody bag after the Marvel presentation on Saturday.  What do you think of the posters?

Click on the image for high resolution



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  • CAP A

    That CAP poster looks awesome! Hope that look is the tone of the film!
    Thor, well, the screenshots from the film have not impressed me much. We shall see.

  • Jonathan

    they both look awesome. Unfortanately, the studio will probably resort to the bland, floating heads, generic poster we got for Iron Man 2.

  • http://twitter.com/cablebfg Bill Graham

    These both look rad, but the Cap one takes the cake for sure.

  • sense11

    The Captain America poster is really cool. It has a classic feel to it, I love it.

  • http://itsadansworld.blogspot.com Thedanofsteel

    Cap's poster is just brilliant – easily the Marvel movie I'm looking forward to most.

  • Ringbearer1420

    These two movie will own Iron Man.

  • Nunegro

    Man I hate to even type this, but I suppose that Marvel is just goin gwith one type of shield? I was kind of hoping to see the WW2 shield as well considering Tony Stark was supposedly Building a new one sometime before Ironman .

  • Tonamania

    These posters excite me more than the stills…

  • 13thGeneral

    I really wanted to see Cap with the shield he used in the Ultimates WWII version (http://captain-america.us/wallpaper/images/cap_…), and then upgrading to the disk later. But otherwise, I really hope this poster is true to the overall feel of the movie. If it is, it'll help make this movie awesome. Will Captain America be Marvel's Dark Knight, or did Iron-Man 1 already steal that title?

  • asianrage

    Screenshots? What screenshots? All we've gotten so far are production photos. So if you've seen some already, please link them.

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  • 13thGeneral

    Don't forget photo-manipulated digital paintings. All we've seen are production photos and photo-manipulated digital paintings. It seems to be THE thing to do these days. But if they announce they're releasing it in 3D, I might get a bit more upset.

  • asianrage

    Yeah, that would suck.

  • Nunegro

    Agreed. I'm hoping Johnston and company do well with Cap. I have been anticipating a great Cap film for some time and when I saw how Nolan brought together Batman I was hoping someone would do the same with Cap.

  • Collin V.

    Captain America looks so epic