Sean Bailey Exclusive Interview; Walt Disney’s President of Production talks TRON: LEGACY, Disney’s Future, 3D, THE BLACK HOLE, OBLIVION

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When I got to visit the set of Tron: Legacy last year when the production was shooting in Vancouver, one of the people that led us around and gave us valuable information was producer Sean Bailey.

How things have changed.

That’s because since wrapping on Tron: Legacy, Bailey was promoted to President of Production at Walt Disney! The title means he’s one of the key people at Disney that gets to decide what movies get made.  Needless to say, when I found out I was getting the opportunity to interview him at Comic-Con in the End of Line Club, I did my homework.  After all, how often do you get the chance to speak with the head of a studio.  So after the jump you can watch Bailey talk about Tron: Legacy, how Pixar helped on the movie, what are Disney’s future plans, we talk 3D and post conversion, what 3D cameras are being used on Pirates of the Caribbean: On The Stranger Tides,  will Disney land Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion, does the studio have special plans for the Tron: Legacy Blu-ray, any chance the original Tron could get a 3D makeover or future re-release, and a lot more. It’s a great and very informative interview, check it out:

Sean Bailey

  • I start by thanking him for helping to get Tron: Legacy made
  • :30 – What was it been like to go from being the producer to being one of the heads of Disney
  • 1:30 – I mention how when he took over he killed the sequel to Wild Hogs. I ask what’s his vision for Disney in the coming years. He mentions Fincher and 20,000 Leagues, Sam Raimi on Oz
  • 2:40 – We talk about Pixar helping out on Tron: Legacy
  • 3:30 – When they showed it at Pixar, did they find a lot of folks wanted to see it
  • 4:00 – How much CGI needs to be added to every frame. Bailey talks about all the practical sets that were built
  • 5:20 – I ask if Disney is going to land Joseph Kosinski’s Oblivion comic book
  • 5:35 – 3D talk. I mention how people hate post converted 3D. Is Disney going to post convert movies or will they shoot 3D movies in 3D? He says he doesn’t think Disney would shoot something in 2D and then post convert.
  • 7:35 – I ask what 3D camera system is being used on Pirates of the Caribbean: On The Stranger Tides.  Bailey says the Pace/Cameron system with the RED camera. It’s the same camera Fincher shot The Social Network with
  • 8:00 – The Black Hole talk – I ask what if Tron is a huge hit…what happens with Black Hole. Bailey says they have a script being written by Travis Beacham
  • 8:25 – What is his exact title. Says it’s President of Production at Walt Disney
  • 8:45 – He’s friends with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Any chance he gets them to make a movie at Disney
  • 9:15 – Are they already thinking about the Tron: Legacy DVD/Blu-ray
  • 10:00 – What’s up with the original Tron on Blu-ray
  • 10:07 – Is there any possibility of re releasing the original Tron in 3D or is it trapped by the limitations of the technology – says he doesn’t think they will do it unless they can do it at a very high level


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  • MonsterKilledThePilot

    Awesome interview!

  • Gusbabb

    I wish I had his job….end of line

  • joe_6285

    Cool Interview.Glad to know that Fincher 20,000 Leagues is still on and they are going to make it.

  • Jamiesen

    Really great interview. I love the new direction Disney seems to be going in and Sean Bailey here seems to be a big piece of that. They seem to be embracing their core fandom much more than they have in years what with a new Tron film, possible new Black Hole, Muppet film, and a Haunted Mansion that is based deeply on it's original mythology. The key to this success appears to be Disney's use of passionate fans in the role of filmmakers. Fincher pitching 20,000 Leagues as his “Empire Strikes Back”, Jason Segel pitching his ultimate passion project in the form of a new Muppet movie, and del Torro who is a hard core fan of the Haunted Mansion ride are all people that are truly passionate about the source and that's what's gonna lead to success. If you aren't passionate about the project and are just doing it simply as job, it drains all the magic away from the film. That's what Disney was for years now, but they appear to be changing that very dynamic and it's great to hear.

  • Jenny

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  • Bill Graham

    Steve, I kneel to your interviewing ability. Great interview and he had some wonderful responses. Well spoken. So glad he is one of the higher ups in Disney. They have been a pleasure to interact with from the animation side, and now it appears the same thing for the film.

  • MCP

    Good interview and everything, but damn..
    Was hoping that the 82' Tron was going to come out on Blu just a little before Legacy comes out at the theaters.
    But it sounds like they haven't even touched it yet, figured that would of been good marketing and possibly expand the demographic for Legacy before release..
    Oh well : (

    20,000 leagues, Oblivion and Mansion all sound great/promising though!

    end of line

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  • Haz

    Steve is the best in the business! Love his interviews!

  • Skyscraper

    Disney's core fandom has little love for a new Muppets film. That's not Disney.

  • Evan

    Sean Bailey is one likable guy. He is clearly soaking in every moment as it happens, and who can blame him? When has here ever been a more exciting time to be doing his job than right now? Like him, I'm excited, and I can't wait to get back to loving Disney again.

  • RickJM

    That's absolutely not true. There is plenty of love in the hardcore fanbase. Besides, the Muppets are Disney. Would you also say that Pooh is not Disney?

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