Comic-Con: SHAMELESS Panel Recap; A Look Forward at Nudity and Backwards at Pee

     July 14, 2012

comic con shameless

The Gallagher family isn’t necessarily a traditional one.  It’s laced with sex, drugs and felonies.  At the heart, though, there is love.  Well, some of the time anyway.  As they approach season three, the cast—William H. Macy (Frank Gallagher), Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher), Justin Chatwin (Steve/Jimmy), Jeremy Allen White (Lip Gallagher), Cameron Monaghan (Ian Gallagher)— presented at Comic Con and Mike O’Malley (who acts on Glee and writes on Shameless) moderated the panel.  Hit the jump for a bullet point recap.


  • Production on season three started last week.
  • William H. Macy spoke on his transition to a series regular, “To use a theater analogy, we opened well, we got past the second night and now the stretch lays before us.  I’m having more fun than I ever have standing up.”
  • “These actors can invest those characters with authenticity, heart and humor.” Mike O’Malley speaking about the cast.
  • “In the first season day by day I was finding out something new about the character.  There was a whole backstory that I didn’t quite plan.  What I love is being able to come to work and learn something new about your character and find a new dynamic.”
  • “I’ve worn clothes in three scenes so far and we’re in episode three.” Justin Chatwin on his character’s frequent nudity in the upcoming season.
  • Mike O’Malley read off a list of Frank’s sins, “Other than that, I’m a wonderful father.”
  • How did attending the NY’s Fame school prepare Jeremy Allen White, “I was very lucky with my schooling, I had great teachers and I worked very hard at it.  Being around, not just one or two people I can learn from, I can learn from everyone around me.  Actors, writers, set dec.  The experience being surrounded by these people has helped me grow an enormous amount.  It makes me scared  about what else is out there because of how lovely this is.”
  • Macy on Frank’s apology to Lip, “Remember the blizzard in Chicago, that was the night I decided to get pissed on.  I’d prepared everything about the scene but what you do when someone pees on you… so I decided to laugh.”  (White added that they also used a whizinator on episode two a couple days ago.)
  • Cameron Monaghan on his character’s sexual orientation, “I forget a lot of the time that he’s (Ian’s) gay.  Every time I do an interview I kind of have to come out as straight to the audience.  He’s a complex guy.  He’s got a lot to deal with.  It’s less important to think about his sexuality and more important to think about the emotion and stress that he’s going through.”
  • Rossum on what Shameless moment shocked her the most, “The thing that surprised me most was last season with Butterface.  The episode where Frank takes the call about the heart coming in.  There’s never been an issue where I thought Fiona did a thing that was unforgiveable.”  (“I’m older than these guys. I find the whole thing shocking” added Macy.)
  • “The reason why the show works is not the shocking stuff but the heart behind it.  It’s not the outrageous stuff.  It’s the stuff that’s so familiar.  It’s a bout a family that takes care of each other.  It’s about blood being thicker than water.” Macy on what makes the show work.
  • Macy geeks out over The Office and Tina Fey, Rossum — An Idiot Abroad (“makes her pee herself laughing”), Chatwin geeks out over Pogs and Magic cards, Monaghan — The Walking Dead, Dexter.  White — Everything on Showtime.  Mike O’Malley I have three children and Phineas and Ferb is always on at my house.*Macy on the home video, “The extras are going to be great on the DVD.  There’s a feature I’m going to love ‘Things that have been up Frank’s ass.'”
  • Macy on taking the character home with him, “There’s always been a lot of Frank in me.  I’m just really good at keeping crazy in the bottle.”

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