Comic-Con: MAN OF STEEL Panel Recap; Plus First Poster and Zack Snyder Addresses JUSTICE LEAGUE

     July 14, 2012


It’s been six years since Superman flew on the big screen.  However, Superman Returns was met with underwhelming box office and a lukewarm reception.  The series was deemed fit for a reboot, and after an intensive search for a new director, Zack Snyder landed the job.  A surprising choice, Snyder, who previously went to the deconstruction of the superhero genre with Watchmen, has now come to the ultimate superhero.  Where does Snyder hyper-kinetic style meet a classic character like Superman?  There’s so many ways to make Superman take to the skies and save the day, so what does Snyder have in store for the Man of Steel?

Hit the for the recap and the first Man of Steel poster.

After having the title come up on the panaromic screen, the lights come up, and Zack Snyder comes on stage.


  • Moderator Chris Hardwicke asks what we can expect.  “Superman is pretty awesome, as you know,” says Snyder.  He felt that Superman needed to be re-introduced to a new generation.  He said they’re finished shooting so they’re just working on post-production.  In the past, Superman has been “a big blue boy scout on a giant throne,” so we wanted to see him beat the snot out of some people.
  • Snyder mentions that the announcement teaser is attached to The Dark Knight Rises, and he wanted to show it to us before anyone else.  Then he decided, “Maybe they should see a little something else…”

I can’t run through every shot, but there seems to be a handheld approach for the Smallville stuff, but for the most part, it looks like standard hero’s journey stuff.  Kal-El has to wrestle with hiding his identity, he’s worried that the world will fear him, and he has to learn to become a hero.  There’s no levity, joy, or even a sense of triumph.  It’s more of a gritty, realistic take about how would Superman actually deal with the world and how the world will deal with him.  There weren’t any particularly cool shot (and to his credit, none of Snyder’s famous speed-ramping), but we got a glimpse of Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and a half-second look at Michael Shannon as Zod from the neck up.  But at one point, either Pa Kent or Jor-El says in voice over (I couldn’t tell which), “You have to decide the man you want to be.”  The trailer ends with Superman says Pa Kent was worried the world wouldn’t accept the Man of Steel.  Then Superman asks in voice over, “What do you think?”  I think the majority of this audience accepted him, but I can’t get on board with what I saw today.

superman-man-of-steel-set-photo-costume-henry-cavillAfter we see the trailer, Henry Cavill (Clark Kent/Superman) joined Snyder on stage, and we went into an audience Q&A:

  • Would Snyder ever consider doing a small indie?  “It’s not about the size of the movie, it’s just about what’s cool.”
  • Snyder says he got involved with the project after getting a call from Nolan asking if he wanted to talk about Superman.  Nolan pitched him a version of Superman, and Snyder says he could get behind that approach.
  • This movie isn’t based on any particular comic book arc, and Snyder says they have “respect for the mythology of Superman, so it’s a mashing of stories.”
  • “What are Cavill’s plans to add to the Superman legend?” “That’s a tough one,” says Cavill.  He wanted to bring as much of the modern Superman into the world.  “This movie is not only for the fans, but for those who haven’t felt this world and seen how it’s changed,” says Cavill. He wants “to bring a modern version everyone can associate with.”

We then get a look at the Comic-Con poster and I’d be shocked if the image wasn’t officially released online.  If not, it’s an image of Superman, cloaked in shadow from the torso-up and looking down at the ground.  That image says it all.

Back to the audience Q&A…

  • Cavill says it’s intense to face the pressure of being Superman.  He points to the emblem on the screen and says, “I get to wear that on my chest.  I just hope I’ve done what I can to please you guys, because this is for you.”
  • “Between Nolan’s Batman and Snyder’s Superman, who would win?”  Snyder says he loves Batman, but then looks at the audience members and goes, “Really?”  “Good answer,” responds the audience member.
  • The comics that inspired Cavill were Death and Return of Superman (Matt’s note: that’s not good).  He was also inspired by Red Son because even though it’s an alternate universe story, it still informs who the character is (Matt’s note: Red Son is great, and you should definitely read it).
  • “Will they make General Zod more relatable?”  “Um, everyone in the film,” coyly says Snyder, “would have to be relatable.”  He dances around the assumption that Shannon is playing Zod, and I have no idea why.
  • In order to stay in shape, Cavill had to get up earlier or stay up later.
  • When an audience member brings up the possibility of seeing Superman in a Justice League movie, the audience goes nuts at the concept.  Snyder says right now they’re just trying to get Superman’s house in order, and then they’ll see where it goes from there.

Final Thoughts:

superman-man-of-steelNolan’s fingerprints are all over this movie.  In the footage we saw, Superman has a beard and is wandering through a mountain terrain.  It will instantly remind you of Bruce Wayne at the beginning of Batman Begins.  That comparison overshadows the trailer.  The movie looks like Superman as Batman.  This looks like deadly-serious Smallville.  This looks like sadness, sadness, and the American sadness.  There’s already a gritty superhero out there, so why would people want Superman to simply copy Batman?

As a panel, we saw that Zack Snyder’s public speaking skills haven’t improved since he was here for Sucker Punch.  If you took a drink every time Snyder said “awesome”, you would have died of alcohol poisoning by the end of the panel.  It’s crucial for directors to help explain their vision if they’re taking on such a monumentally important project, and there are other adjectives in the world other than “awesome” and “cool.”  All I really had to go on was the trailer and the general sense that Superman needed to be reinvented to be gritty because audiences wouldn’t buy him outside that mold.

I am truly saddened to report how disappointed I was with this panel and how Man of Steel looks like the po-faced, solemn superhero flick I was dreading.  However, it’s a long way to the film’s release, so there’s plenty of time to change my mind.

Man of Steel opens June 14, 2013.

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Here’s the poster:

man of steel poster comic con

  • Tom

    Matt Goldberg doesn’t like anything.

    • Daniel

      And what he does like is usually crap.

    • Brandon Treadway

      Goldberg sucks at reporting. Not sure what it is he expects from the amazing world of entertainment that we live in.

  • dan

    Can you please for once act like a journalist??!! Stop prejudging everything you report and just let people make up their own minds. Way to get everybody down about a movie no one’s seen. Hater.

    • drod

      I gotta agree. You’re way to critical of things especially posters/trailers,etc. Then you get down hearted and when a film is released you can’t get over the fact you hated the footage in the trailer and instead of saying “it was just a trailer the movie was good” you say “it sucked”………at least try to be a journalist and remember being one isn’t about being critical of everything.

  • This Guy

    Matt Goldberg doesn’t like anything.

  • MAC

    I think HONESTLY, MATT should stop reporting anything on Movies!
    Particularly SUPERHEROS.

    Cuz he doesn’t like anything, pretty much!
    It’s not a bad thing; it’s just SAD, SAD & very SAD!

    I can accept his assessment!

    If NOLAN is the writer, I’m IN!
    & I know A LOT of people are in as well!

    So I’ll wait for footage!!

  • wes

    It was awesome don’t listen to this negative nelly

  • dan rose

    You are truly saddened? You have issues man.

    Anyone reading this, I assure you this guy’s opinion is in a tiny minority. Ignore it.

  • Tyler

    No Matt, they made it “dark and gritty” because there has already been 30 years worth of goofy, cheesey Superman movies. Also, I believe you’re getting “dark and gritty” confused with “grounded in reality”. Look at all of Marvel’s Avengers movies. Each one of those took their characters and gave them a realistic approach to their characters and backstory while keeping the basics of their stories intact. Don’t complain about 90 seconds of footage for a movie that isn’t out for 11 more months. Read your comics,then you’ll see what route they’re taking. Oh, and heres a hint: Its not a “dark and gritty” one.

  • sense 11

    Never likes anything

  • Jim

    It’s pretty obvious that Matt doesn’t have any respect for Snyder as a film maker so anything he would have saw wouldn’t have lived up to his expectations anyway.

    Also, like everybody else said, his views are so skewed it doesn’t matter. I won’t say he doesn’t like anything (cause I’m kinda opinionated and people have said that about me) but…eh certainly doesn’t like anything good.

    • Jim

      Oh, but I will agree, Superman doesn’t need to be gritty.

  • Jimmy

    Yikes. What a depressing article

  • nelson

    i just seen bootleg version of trailer and matt is an idiot

    the footage was not dark and gritty

    it was realistic,dramatic,and serious

    that is a huge difference

    the crow is dark and gritty ,star trek reboot is dramatic and serious

  • The Force

    I started to get dissapointed in what i was reading, thought it was gonna be not the Superman i was waiting for. Then i saw who was reviewing it, phew close call! I don’t thing Matt likes movies, and I don’t think many collider bloggers do neither mostly.

    I will share one concern though, I don’t want a gloomy Superman film. I want shirt rips open, reveals logo, powerful music kicks in, hairs on neck stand on end then Superman saves day/kicks ass. Just like Chris Reeves.

  • Maro leon

    Can Matt resign from Collider ? The internet has no need for his opinions. I was there and saw the same footage and couldn’t wait to see what Collider had to say about it. Matt needs to take a piss and sit out.

  • MAC

    Just saw a video of footage!

    Here my reaction I poster their;



    Even with this low-quality footage; It looks INCREDIBLE.
    I can see MY SUPERMAN film!
    The film we all dreamed we will get one day!
    The film we all FUCKING DESERVE (NOW after all these years) & the Film we NEEDED!!

    It’s great to be: SUPERMAN BEGINS than SUCKER “SUPER” PUNCH!!
    I think MOST people with Brains working will agree!

    With the STORY of NOLAN, ACTION of SNYDER!
    It’s gona be incredible!

    Just the dialogue screams BEAUTY!
    It feels so Emotional & Dramatic-Realistic (IT’S NOT DARK as Nolan’s Batman. It’s realist version, NOT DARKER! & NOLAN does his HomeWork!) & it’s very Intimate & YET Sooo EPIC & Huge!!
    That Supes FLYing is unbeatable!
    The CAPE & “S”!!
    Ya… That’s ROYALTY my fellow SuperHeros!!

    So beautiful looking; even the footage isn’t that clear on my iPhone!
    I can see myself crying in theatre of TDKR, twice; at this & then for TDKR!!
    Tears of JOY!
    Hell I’m emotional now!!

    Thanks SNYDER!

    Thanks NOLAN!! ( man once again: THANK YOU!! U saved BATMAN & now SUPERMAN)

    Thanks thanks!!
    Oh GOD!!

    Is there anything Better than seeing SUPERMAN & BATMAN toghather! Even the thought of seeing SUPERMAN trailer & BATMAN film in one sitting in theatre is so overwhelming!
    Oh MY GOD!!!!

  • katherine

    Trailer looks amazing.

    Goldberg is a joke.

  • Frank Hernandez


  • sense 11

    Just saw the footage and its awesome. finally the man of steel is not a big gaping weeping v@gina

    Trust me people, this is the one we’ve been waiting for, disregard the Zack Snyder haters,

  • Griz

    To all those (including Matt) who have voiced their opinions with regards to how a “darker, grittier” take on Superman might not be the way to go, i pose the question: What other way is there?

    I mean, the whole “will he finally punch something” question floated around long enough after Returns that someone finally decided that they key was to have him go up against a superhuman foe . . . .but even if you make that happen, superman can just superspeed him off to the phantom zone after freeze-breath / heat visioning him . . . . In order to see Supes go all out and show what he is capable of, you NEED to show him angry enough to hit someone . . . and in this day and age, in order to make heroes relatable, you NEED to show him desperate and scared (and not because someone shined green rock in front of his face . . . smallville killed the drama of that tactic 100 times over)

    All i’m trying to say is: Like the 2 polar-opposite depictions of Punisher and hulk, we NEED this version of Supes . . . just so we know whether this character can even exist as a movie or should just be relegated to cameos in team movies and animation films (on a related note: Superman Vs Elite . . . . .the most AMAZING, badass superman i’ve ever seen outside of a comic book)

  • mclovin

    saw the footage and have to agree with everyone else. there is a BIG difference between po-faced and serious/real. this looks to be taking the latter approach. why can’t you just do your job and not chime in with your PERSONAL opinion?

    • Alan

      I don’t mind Goldberg’s judgement: he is more than free to feel whatever he wants towards the material. What I mind, however, is his lazy, half-assed reporting of the footage: there is no sense of what occurred in the footage, given that Goldberg can’t even be bothered distinguishing who said what. How about explain what occurred, so that we can make up our own minds, as well? Pauline Kael – a better writer than Goldberg could ever hope to be – once said that readers care more about the insight of a writer, not his or her judgement, whilst Gene Siskel said that critics should play fair with film: meaning that the writer has to engage with what occurred in the film and why, instead of just imposing some blanket judgement over the material. Even Steve saying that he doesn’t agree with Goldberg doesn’t cut it, either: I don’t want hyperbole of any sort, I just want to know what happened reported with insight and critical engagement, which is lacking in Goldberg’s writing.

  • Tey

    Attention all Nolan fanboys. Snyder is the director here. They just slapped Nolan’s name on the production to snare up N fanboys. Nolan might also contribute to the story… but the tone, lighting, mood and almost everything else belongs to Snyder.

  • will

    I don’t really trust Goldberg’s judgment. This is the guy who kept bashing Prometheus in the most biased, egotistical way possible (“will probably be remembered as one of the biggest disappointments”). I’ll reserve until I see the trailer this Thursday (just a bonus for TDKR).

    • will

      Just saw a leak of the CC footage, and while I’ll still reserve final judgment until I see it on the big screen, Goldberg might be out of his mind. This Superman does look darker and grittier than previous incarnations, but still leagues lighter than Nolan’s Bat-films. It doesn’t seem THAT much like Begins (other than the bearded world traveler part). But when the Man of Steel actually appeared in the trailer, walking in the clouds, it was like “Dude, that IS Superman”. That, coupled with the beautiful Thin Red Line Zimmer score, made me move my opinion of this movie from “kind of not giving a s***” to “legitimately, but cautiously, excited”. At the very least, it’s a hell of a lot better looking than Green Lantern or Superman Returns.

  • Hunter

    “so why would people want superman to copy batman”…. Have you seen the full movie, Matt? No, no didn’t think so.

  • Hrothgar

    Someone please tell me where I can see the bootleg trailer!!?!

    I don’t know what to think. Matt’s take is really negative and EW’s is really positive…I guess I’ll just have to see for myself!

  • N

    I think what’s being overlooked is this: Kal-El is an alien! Does anyone really think, if they were that different, they’d just magically be a beacon of light to the world? No way! We’d struggle with being an outsider (as many already do), with having these abilities, with seeing the world and feeling it in a way that no one else can truly understand. That’s where this story starts. It has to make him relevant & relatable. Kal-El must have emotions and show them to show that he is a man and even with all that he can do, deep down, he is just like everyone else; afraid. What’s the biggest question humans ask? “Where did we come from?” Talk about something relevant! The story seems ‘darker’ or ‘gritty’ because life, real life is that way sometimes and for a man with so much on his shoulders… how could that not be a realistic take? Being a hero isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. He can’t always be so soft spoken, light hearted and dare I say, moral? I mean, being moral is much more relative than people wanna believe. Good and bad are points of view from our perspective, that’s it. One more thing… how can we see him as such a special character, an icon, a light in the darkness, if he himself doesn’t come out of that darkness himself in some fashion? He must face trials, overcome obstacles and face his fears to be that man we aspire to be… Superman.

  • aaronsullivan

    I’m not down on this movie. A new take on Superman is really necessary after the retro approach failed to gain ANY traction with Superman Returns. This is as valid an attempt as any and I AM intrigued by really trying to take him seriously.

    On the other hand, that poster should say “Man of Vinyl” at the bottom. It’s all I can see.

  • Andy Walker

    I was wondering why this article was so pessimistic and cynical but then I saw Matt’s name. Haha. I wonder if when’s the last time dude’s seen a vagina.

  • Andy Walker

    Who’s continuing to allow Matt to write for this site anyway? Nobody likes him. It’s blatantly obvious. Just get rid of the guy.

    • Strong Enough

      i like him

  • Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

    hey all….just want to say I thought the MAN OF STEEL footage was AMAZING and it’s everything I hoped the movie would be. LOVED the footage. LOVED. Think Matt is very wrong on this one.

    • Andy Walker

      Thanks for chiming in Steve. Always enjoy your interviews. Wish you could have done this write-up!

    • Christopher S

      Matt is forever wrong Steve. I wish you chimed in more so we could get a different point of view then this constant hate. I think what Matt said about Superman is a summary of the tone of everything he writes…sorrow.

  • Vijay

    Who’s this Matt guy?? People cried because of the epicness of the trailer….. How often do you see that?? And you didn’t like it?? Just shut up and report what you saw instead of whether you liked it or not….

  • Vijay

    Who is this reporter?? For god’s sake people cried there due to the epicness of the trailer and you didn’t like it?? You seriously have some anti-hero issues… just shut up and report what you saw instead of whether you liked it or not because everyone else seems to love it!!!

  • Chris138

    I saw a terrible bootlegged quality of the footage shown at Comic-Con and the only thing that I could wonder about is why they decided to use Hans Zimmer’s music from The Thin Red Line… again.

  • Movie Master

    As I see, all of Matt’s post really sux…if u dont like this, why bother???
    Anyways, it looks like his envy will some day drain him…by the way nice comment STEVE…

  • paul tracy

    Nicely done, Steve.


  • thf

    Matt knows nothing. He should stay calm n watch his word.

  • Carson Dyle

    This is example A1 of why Goldberg is an atrocious journalist. Reporting on what his vision of a given work is and how whatever is produced either does or doesn’t meet it, rather than judging what has been over time a very malleable and wide-ranging property on its own merits. That the film looks po-faced and serious like the MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL Batman films from the same studio is an idiotic and nonsensical complaint, and of no worth to anyone. If the footage doesn’t look good on its own merits, well and good, but I suspect such a criticism would be above Goldberg’s pay grade.

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  • Markiewankenobi

    Matt – you got owned by Steve dude.

    Gotta admit your “review” is sunk by way too much personal loathing of Snyder. So he uses “awesome” a lot – maybe it’s his So-Cal surfer upbringing of whatever but don’t bitchslap the guy cause he is not telling you his vision in the Queens english.

    I love this site, but you gotta turn down the silent hatred of people wrecking your childhood idols!

  • Shawn

    Look douchbag up in the dictionary, it’s Wonderman holding up a picture of Matt.

  • Nomis1700

    F_ck you Matt! I’ve never liked you.

    I’m very excited to see the teaser myself when TDKR hits. Poster is very cool! Love the style!
    I really hope Superman is left alone, I want a MOS trilogy just as good as Nolan’s Batman trilogy. It’s the trilogy the character deserves and we need right now. I cannot wait to see it next year!

  • Shawn

    If you looked up “taint” in the dictionary, Matt’s photo would be rolled up and stuffed up one half an inch away from example photo.

  • havehope

    Erm……maybe Mr. Goldberg is just being truthful. The point he makes here is that Superman is NOT dark, or GRITTY, or even REALISTIC.

    Think for a second…..a guy in red and blue tights that flies around….yep….VERY realistic.

    Sure, ground it in reality but this whole dark end edgy thing is the new Kool-Aid that everyone including Spiderman has been drinking.

    At least Avengers was brave enough to stand on its own two feet.

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  • Adam

    After Matt trashed Amazing Spiderman, and after I went and saw it and nearly wept in the theatre because it was actually the Spiderman movie I had been waiting for…I am certain that this new Superman will be amazing.

    Right Matt. We all need to see another cheesy version of Superman…just like the originals and SR. I actually thought SR was OK, but I am more than ready for a realistic take on Supes. And Cavill looks awesome.

    Why do I feel like Matt is bitter over being a critic rather than an actual part of the films he is reviewing? He slammed Andrew Garfield, now he is attacking Snyder for his Cali talk tendencies? The Watchmen was excellent, the guy can obviously direct. Suckerpunch aside, he has been very consistent.

  • Singularity

    Even watching the terrible bootleg footage, I was very moved.

    Thanks, for chiming in Steve to encourage me to look deeper after reading what Mr. Goldberg had to say.

  • Andrew

    Hmmmm,…looks like Matt’s on his own here!
    I,for one,am looking forward to catching the trailer before Bats.
    With Nolan’s involvement,…i can’t see it being a super stinker.

  • mangos

    Nice to see Steve jump in here and give his positive thoughts. I was reading this without looking at the writer, and after a paragraph i thought “this is that goldberg guy isn’t it”. YUP.

  • Flyersfan20

    I actually don’t know what Goldberg’s talking about when he talks about Zack Snyder’s speaking skills. They have some video of the Panel over at and his speaking skills seem fine to me. I thought he did a good job of telling the crowd about his vision for Superman. I guess Goldberg just can’t help being a Debbie Downer but, that’s just my opinion, anyway.

  • Nate

    Honestly Matt, the only thing on Collider I never get any “levity or joy” from are your articles. Your incessantly negative stance on damn near every subject is exhausting, to say nothing of unnecessary. I’ve read a lot of your stuff man and I think you’re an intelligent guy, but it’s your “po-faced” outlook on all things that brings me down, not the current trends in cinema. I know you’ve gotten plenty of hate on this board today and I don’t want to add too much myself. But c’mon man, you’ve got a pretty sweet gig goin’ here. At least try and pretend you’re enjoying yourself, huh?

  • Hrothgar

    Ok, I finally found a good quality trailer leak. I have to say that I agree with (almost) everyone here. It looks amazing. I don’t understand what Matt is saying about there not being any “levity” or “triumph”. Well, there is no triumph because it’s a trailer and we see nothing of the main villain or main fight.

    There is no levity…that may be true. But that’s not a bad thing. I don’t want levity. I want an epic film. I want moral conflict and struggle. Superman isn’t a dark hero, but he isn’t the campy 50′s era character either. He hasn’t been that for a very long time. I liked Superman Returns and the original films for what they are, but that doesn’t mean I am opposed to something more dramatic. It’s not supposed to be easy to be an orphan on a planet not your own. It’s supposed to be alienating (pardon the pun) and a constant struggle to find a place in the world, to fit in. If I made a Superman movie, that’s what I would make. This seems to be the direction Man of Steel is headed and that will be amazing to see for the first time on the big screen.

  • wha..wha..what?

    The best thing about every Goldberg column is the @$$ whuppin’ he gets in the comments section. I’m sure you’re a decent person Matt, but you are a lousy “reporter”.

  • Matt Goldbergs Mom

    This article seems like it is written by a player hater. Basically a frustrated guy that couldn’t make it as a film maker so he shits on someone that did.

    So Snyder says “Awesome” and “Cool” a lot – Big Deal. Do you get pissed when Tarantino drops “Speghetti Western” into every interview he has about every movie he has made post-Jackie Brown? Get over yourself.

  • BANE

    When Collider fires him, Goldberg has my permission to cry.

    • R

      dude, classic!

    • Ben


    • Bilal

      @Bane – But his punishment should be more severe

    • your dark knight ends

      What are you guy’s …..a bunch of 5 year olds

      • BANE

        I’m Goldberg’s reckoning.

  • rp

    Fuck off haters. Goldberg is right 90% of the time. So the argument is that he didn’t like Amazing Spiderman or Prometheus? Well, nobody with a grain of intelligence did either.

    • duh

      sounds like you clowns should hang out.

    • Richard of Norway

      Woah dude. No reason to insult our intelligence. I appreciate Matt’s take on things even if I loved Prometheus and was only slightly disappointed with Amazing Spider-Men. Overall, I liked it too. It’s okay to have differing opinions of movies. No reason to be a dick.

      • Richard of Norway

        *Spider-Man, duh! (sorry)

        Anyway, I agree people need to chill out with Matt. I love his ruthless reporting! And frankly I think he’s 100% right on Man of Steel. Hope to be proved wrong though!

  • abs

    Why doesn’t the poster show the yellow part of Superman’s symbol? It’s there on the set pic.

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  • jorge

    man, this matt goldberg guy really doesnt like movies! i dont understand why hes allowed to review trailers and films if he has no passion or love for movies…he seems bitter about the whole film industry and never really has anything good to say. it really, really sucks.

  • DC

    “What We Learned” – My recap, summary, and lessons learned from Comic-Con 2012.


    LOL @ this whole comment section… everybody shitted on Matt real hard. I haven’t seen the Man of Steel trailer, but just from reading all the comments, I’m confident that it’s going to be the Superman movie that we’ve all been waiting for. This Matt character needs to get laid every once in awhile.

  • Bea

    Wait quick question, is the trailer going to come out when th Dark Knight comes out or is it all ready out??

  • Anon

    Sounds like they are turning him into a liberal pussy america-hatin thanks. You dont like it here move to Syria.

  • Shawn

    Please don’t “fire” him Collider. We were just kickin him around a little. I can see how some people just lose their s#!t about anything Zack Snyder. I think with Goyer’s writing and Nolan’s scrunched up mouth father/God-like stare, Zack’s ‘BUT I AM AN ART’IST’ side will be kept in check. Maybe give Matt an entire subsection of Collider called maybe “Goldberg’s Corner”. While straight up coverage is what most of us come here for, his sometimes cynical editorials make for a read.

  • duh

    dude why even write, you’re completely miserable and hate everything, except shit that clearly sucks.

    i saw the footage and it looks awesome.

  • Mulvi

    Is anybody else creeped out by internet fanboy groupthink? It’s as if nobody can have a contrary opinion to the groupthink, but if you do disagree you’re subject to personal attacks and vitriol for not liking the trailer for a movie. Why is a contrary opinion so frightening to y’all? If you don’t like what someone writes, don’t read it; find someone you always agree with (it works for conservatives). I, for one, would find it rather dull to read film criticism that I always agree with.

  • dangerd

    Superman vs doomsday now thats a movie i would see

  • Richard of Norway

    Matt: Don’t let the haters get you down. I love your honest take on things, and appreciate your reporting. Keep it up!

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  • Sam

    Matt, you’re definitely on your way to become a very, very sad old man. Think about it.

  • jasperwolf

    Matt’s articles are not “reporting”, but simply (badly worded and edited) fanboy raving.

  • J.R.

    @Matt Goldberg, Hey I felt the same way about the presentation, this dark sh!t its getting on my nerves, probably Snyder is a very talented director in terms of action scenes like Michael Bay with explosions, I just hope he does justice to this character and the movie.

    I dont understand why people here in the comments section criticize you?….. I agree 100% on the “Zack not enable to speak” in public or movie comments, he abuse to much the word “cool” and “awesome”, people here have to understand that when you are a professional words like that hurt your image and credibility!! I feel safe with a project when the director knows or at least knows how to sale the a project! It makes you wonder the kind of people that are running Hollywood this days….ha!

    Still, the only positive thing about this movie is that Z.S. its only directing, the people behind the script and $$$ are very talented professionals, i don’t think this movie will turn up to be another Sucker Punch!

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  • Anonymous

    yep, everyone’s right. This guy does not like anything.

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  • Batfan

    I for one look forward to Man of Steel. I enjoyed the take they did on Batman with Nolan and company. What I seem to be reading from most people’s posts on various forums is that there is a number of people unwilling to let go of Reeve’s portrayal of Superman which is, without question, an excellent adaptation, but is marred by a very terrible story with very forward use of its artistic license of the source material.

    What they haven’t ever captured in some of these Superman movies is the loneliness and passion for justice that Superman has on an alien planet. The same reasons I enjoyed and still enjoy The Dark Knight, it hit all the right tones of what makes Batman truly Batman, any Superman movie regardless of how well it has done has missed something fundamental about Superman that I can’t quite put my finger on. I watched the teaser and it sparked my interest. It has fed the seed that will hopefully grow into the Superman that I have been wanting to see for 20+ years.

    Reeve’s was brilliant by being able to portray Clark Kent and Superman, but it’s time to move on past that and let a new generation fill the shoes without being held down by the past.

  • Batfan

    I for one look forward to Man of Steel. I enjoyed the take they did on Batman with Nolan and company. What I seem to be reading from most people\’s posts on various forums is that there is a number of people unwilling to let go of Reeve\’s portrayal of Superman which is, without question, an excellent adaptation, but is marred by a very terrible story with very forward use of its artistic license of the source material.

    What they haven\’t ever captured in some of these Superman movies is the loneliness and passion for justice that Superman has on an alien planet. The same reasons I enjoyed and still enjoy The Dark Knight, it hit all the right tones of what makes Batman truly Batman, any Superman movie regardless of how well it has done has missed something fundamental about Superman that I can\’t quite put my finger on. I watched the teaser and it sparked my interest. It has fed the seed that will hopefully grow into the Superman that I have been wanting to see for 20+ years.

    Reeve\’s was brilliant by being able to portray Clark Kent and Superman, but it\’s time to move on past that and let a new generation fill the shoes without being held down by the past.

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