Comic-Con 2011: Over 150 Pictures of the Latest Toys/ Collectibles at Comic-Con

     July 25, 2011

Comic-Con 2011: Toy Image Recap slice

If you’re a toy collector, Comic-Con is heaven.  That’s because not only do all the toys companies sell cool exclusives, they also show off tons of upcoming products.  With my schedule packed doing interviews, Collider’s Ryan Brookhart spent the past few days taking tons of pictures of the latest collectibles on the Convention floor.  Included in his image recap are Voltron, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, Batman, Masters of the Universe, Tron: Legacy, tons of upcoming Hot Toys products (Iron Man, Captain America, Avatar, Indiana Jones), tons of upcoming Sideshow Collectibles products, and a lot more.  If you’re into toys/collectibles, you really want to hit the jump.

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  • aaronsullivan

    I haven’t been following figures for awhile, but is there some new tech that’s helping with facial likenesses? Some of those are pretty sick.

    I’m assuming the modeling is done on computers now, but even the precision of the detailing looks insane, so there has to be some manufacturing improvements as well.

    Impressive stuff.

    • vfdgsdf

      no, the modeling is not done on computers. Hot toys and sideshow collectables have sculptors that do everything. Then molds are made and individually hand painted and fitted with cloths for maximum quality. theres nothing cheap about the way they are crafted since its not for mass producing. there are limits to how many pieces they have.

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  • migz13

    Hot Toys just pawned everyone else.

  • Errol

    I wonder… with the Neytiri action figure is it possible to lift up that necklace thing and see the nip-slip everyone was trying to catch a glimpse of during Avatar? :-D :-D :-D Anyway, some of these are REALLY awesome. I like the Christian Bale/Batman with the removable mask and the Captain America below it. The Iron Monger one is freaking AWESOME! Damn, I wish I could get ‘em all!

  • Karan

    The Movie based ones i think are made by Gentle Giant by mapping/scanning facial features and a whole 360 of the actors involved in projects, which explains the amazing likeness. but gotta give it to Hot Toys and Sideshow, keeping it still traditional with sculptors doing the work!

  • Frank

    These days, they use 3D scans of the faces and heads of the actors to accurately capture their likenesses, and the technology for this is getting better and cheaper.

    Here’s a link to a company in Japan that will do this for you (for about $2000 per session).

  • Jazzy Jace

    Wow, think I might trade my soul on Ebay for these :-) :-)

    Love the Joker before Avatar Babe, awesome. Ryu and Dead Pool are the real standouts for me.

  • J.R.

    Hey does someone knows more about that enterprise?

  • Brett

    Everything Hot Toys is amazing. That Joker, Batmobile and Enterprise just blew my mind. Superman and Captain America too. The Legion of Superheroes 12 pk is sizzling hot. Can’t wait to get one of those.

    I second the request for more info on that Enterprise. Is it by Hot Toys and what’s the price point? This one beats the Master Replica’s version a few years ago that goes for over a grand. Hope this one doesn’t cost a thousand.

  • Brett

    BTW… I just went to the Hot Toys facebook page and did not see the Enterprise there.

    Dear Frosty,

    The Enterprise that you show in the picture up there, is that by Hot Toys or another company? Also, thank you so very much for posting the pics. Excellent shots. Collider has the best San Diego Comic Con pics on the net!


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  • c

    Where can I find the G.I Joes action figures. I went to, as well as and but cant find the ones pictured here. I do not want the rise of the cobra ones. thanks

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