Another Reason to Keep COMMUNITY on the Air: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

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NBC has pulled Community from the network’s midseason schedule so we can all continue to enjoy the magic of the wretched new sitcom, Whitney.  In fairness, NBC has given Dan Harmon‘s hilarious and brilliant sitcom over two seasons to find an audience and that audience has never come.  But the ones who have shown up (i.e. smart people) have been rewarded with references so clever that sometime they cannot be seen with the naked eye…or at least not in a single episode (or even a single TV series).

Case in point: a Community fan recently noticed that the show had directly referenced Tim Burton‘s Beetlejuice once per season for the past three seasons, which would of course complete the eponymous character’s summoning chant, “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.”  On any other show, that would simply be a coincidence and a writer’s room that liked the 1988 comedy as a go-to reference.  On Community, it’s par for the course.  Hit the jump to check out the proof of Beetlejuice summoning and hope that a Michael Keaton guest spot is on the way.  Community airs at 8/7c on NBC.  Tell your friends.



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  • Flyersfan20

    I’ve watched Community before, it’s not bad, I liked it. But I don’t watch it regularly, so I guess by Goldturd’s estimation I’m dumb, since only “smart people” watch it.

    • Dodge_hickey

      I dont like Goldberg either but thats a dick move on your part to start a fire that was never ment to be there

      and yes I am a Community fan…..found the Bettlejuice video a few days ago and still love it!

    • Kevin

      If you’re insecure about your own intelligence to the level where you need to tell everyone that Community is for “smart people” like yourself, you might need to see a therapist. Let’s pretend it is a decent show for a second, just because they reference things that you relate to doesn’t mean both you and the show are smart. It just means that the writers are one the same page as you. Everyone always talks about how smart Arrested Development is. I love that show, but just because a show is good at making you laugh does not mean its smart. You’d have to have an incredibly high opinion of your own intelligence to think that. And as someone who is smarter than just about everyone, I think that’s retarded.

      • Flyersfan20

        I didn’t mean for it to come off like that, I was just making a statement about how Goldberg said “But the ones who have shown up (i.e. smart people)”. I didn’t mean for it to come off as if I was saying “Oh I must be dumb cause only smart people watch Community”. Wasn’t my intention at all, I apologize.

  • Kyle

    you have to be dumb not to watch this great comedy and this is further proof on the shows success.

  • dc420777

    beetle juice walks by in the background behind annie right after she said it the third time

    • Mr.Orange

      I went back and watched after I read your comment and laughed out loud when I saw him casually walking in the background. That is smart.

      • farty pants mcgee

        it’s clever, actually

  • Mike

    hahah I’m always hesitant to claim that Community gets low ratings because it’s for smart people but it’s so true and I’m glad it’s been said.

  • I cry u smile

    Only dumb people like matt thinks the show is genius…

  • Eric Nixon

    I think saying it’s for “smart people” is not accurate. However, I don’t see the majority of people who watch or Two and a Half Men and enjoy the comic stylings of Jeff Dunham appreciating it. The jokes are not always as clear as “set-up, punch line… set-up, punch line.” The show is very geared towards a nerdier, alternative comedy crowd.

    There’s kind of a snobbyness in comedy, and Community has kind of become the sitcom those snobs, of which I guess I count myself among, have latched on to. We’re welcoming to anyone who wants to watch and appreciate it. So please give it chance it you’ve never watched.

    Either that, or Goldberg just means you’re stupid for not watching. Which is true. The show is awesome. It’s like saying you’re dumb for not liking bacon. Because c’mon, it’s bacon.

  • Michael

    I actually love the new show Whitney. It’s refreshing, and even though it has a dirty sense of humor it’s still hilarious.

    • james

      If by “It’s refreshing” you mean that it’s corny and obvious, then yes, I agree.

  • Kevin

    The idea that making references to things you like makes a show smart is so sad and pathetic.

    • Estefano

      The idea that you are stupid is so true.

  • Kevin

    WOW! Community’s writers like Beetlejuice?!?!?!?! But…well, gee. I like Beetlejuice!!!!!! This show is sooooo smart.

  • LEM

    A better reason to keep it on is Alison Brie and her bouncing cleavage not a 3 season build up for a lame payoff that maybe a handful of people noticed BEFORE it was all over the internet.

  • dogg

    Meh, it’s very hit and miss. I stopped recommending it to people after I saw a couple really stupid ones. For every Paintball, Dungeons & Dragons, or Claymation episode, there’s a real stinker. Now I just DVR them all and skim through the stupid ones. Kinda like how I watch South Park these days.

    • Domm

      To each his own because i hated the dungeons and claymation episodes.

      • dogg

        Then you hated the funniest thing Chevy Chase has done since Fletch.

  • sweetlows

    I think he meant that as a yeah you would be smart to watch this show, not that only smart people watch it. I also think that this show while yeah it makes all those references and i love them i think its cool, i enjoy the meta nature of it, but i also think its a show that celebrates fun. With things like The Blanket Fort episode and Most recent halloween episode and of course PAINTBALL. to me its the people that i relate to just celebrating fun and creativity. you dont have to agree but thats why i like it. it isnt likely that we will see 6 seasons and a movie but id love to have 1 or 2 more :)

    • Grand G

      Well said, sweetlows. This show makes me smile more than any in a long time. Sometime because of the references to other media, sometimes just because of the joy everyone seems to be having playing around with their parts. I try to not over think it. Just like I think the naming of Beetlejuice three times pays off with the character subtly walking past in the background, and not a clever hint that Michael Keaton will soon be a guest on the show.

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