Comic-Con 2011: COMMUNITY Panel Recap; Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar from THE WIRE) Joins the Cast for Season 3 Arc

     July 23, 2011


Pop-pop! The cast and creative team behind NBC’s Community entertained audience members today and gave us some sneak peeks about the upcoming season 3. They were introduced by a countdown ending in a remixed clip montage of some of our favorite scenes from past episodes. On hand with creator Dan Harmon were cast members Donald Glover (Troy), Danny Pudi (Abed), Gillian Jacobs (Britta), Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley), Joel McHale (Jeff), Ken Jeong (Chang), Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) and, of course, Chevy Chase (Pierce). Alison Brie (Annie) was unable to attend due to shooting for Save the Date, but did take questions through twitter (@AlisonBrie). Hit the jump to read about a special appearance by Annie’s Boobs.

The clip montage introduced the release date for season 2 of Community on DVD, which will be available starting September 6th. You can check out the Comic Con exclusive slip cover of the DVD set here and here. The DVD set itself was introduced by none other than Troy’s pet monkey, Annie’s Boobs. Confirmed extras on the DVD include:

community_christmas_episode_troy_image_01- Commentary for every episode
– Deleted scenes
– Making of the Christmas, Paintball and Halloween (Best Buy exclusive) episodes
– Cast Evaluations in Dean Pelton’s office
– One blooper reel per disc (4)

The panel then took questions from the moderator as well as screening questions from Twitter users through the hashtag #anniesboobs. The following is a recap of the Q&A.

– When asked if Pierece went to far this year, Chevy Chase replied that “Yes, he went much too far.” and then proceeded to say things like, “In this next season Pierce and Britta have sex.” Donald Glover replied that, “Britta gets pierced by Pierce.” and Chase remarked that “This season, everyone gets to pork Annie!”

– Once the moderator got the panel back under control, they asked about relationships that were established in last season and if they would continue. As for Jeff and Britta, McHale said that we’ll find out in Season 3. As for Abed and Annie, Pudi said that “we’ll see where it goes.” Harmon replied that it was his intention that “there’s a chance for everyone to get together.”

– Yvette Nicole Brown said she “hopes to see more of Malcolm (Jamal Warner) this season” and is glad that Chang was not the father of her baby.

– Ken Jeong agrees with that sentiment: “As a father, I’m so glad that Chang is not the father of anyone. It’s so fun to play that character and go to the demonic depths of pathetic-ness.” Chang will also get a little bit more power and authority in the upcoming season.

– Jim Rash (Dean Pelton) will become a regularly featured cast member this season

Community NBC image- Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) will join Community this season as Greendale’s new biology teacher. Harmon remarked that “when some people are threatened against watching the show, he can either add water to dilute it or he can add flavor to threaten the hell out of everyone.”

– It’s obvious that Harmon really wants an Emmy for Community and has vowed to keep working until they get it.

In Season 3, Abed and Troy move in together and their relationship goes “to the next level.” Harmon confirmed that they are currently planning an “exciting and fun” Halloween episode for this year, but did not verify that they would do another paintball episode. He did say that one of the early episodes of the new season would feature multiple timelines. Harmon also appeased fans by restating that Community was always marketed and designed as being a four-year arc for Jeff to earn his degree and graduate and that plan hasn’t changed. While they want to keep working on this show forever, he promised not to pull the rug out from under fans at the end of Season 4.

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