PSA and Images from COMMUNITY’s Upcoming Animated Episode, “G.I. Jeff”

     March 28, 2014


NBC comedy series Community has become known for quite a few things: paintball episodes, troublesome ratings, a rocksteady fan base, six seasons and a movie, and animated specials.  The genre-busting show dips into 80s cartoon nostalgia for their upcoming episode, “G.I. Jeff,” which reimagines the Greendale gang as characters animated in the style of G.I. Joe.  True to form, this episode comes with its own PSA, which the gung-ho cartoon series was quite (in)famous for doing.  Check out the PSA and a few images after the jump.  You can watch the full episode this Thursday, April 3rd at 8pm on NBC.

Watch the “G.I. Jeff” PSA from Community below:

And here are a couple of images from the show (via EW):


community gi jeff



  • God’s Diamond

    Really like this show except that they try to make Jeff be like Zack_Morris. Imo

    • ColinJ

      He’s more like Parker Lewis.


    • Norrtron

      Jeff used to get the majority of the focus and be the main character, but this season he has really taken a back seat lately.

  • Yurine


  • TrekBeatTK

    This looks great, but the show does too many of these types of episodes now. When EVERY episode is a special homage, it stops being special. This trend started in season 3, and you can excuse it because cancellation was imminent, but I miss when there were more “normal” episodes (normal by this show’s standards anyway).