COMMUNITY Finally Returns on March 15th

     February 21, 2012


That’s right, Greendale Human Beings. After an annoying and worrisome hiatus, Community creator Dan Harmon has revealed, via Twitter, that the comedy series will finally return to NBC on March 15th with a new 8/7c timeslot. However, at this time there’s no word as to whether this season might be the last, or if the fan support was enough to get NBC back on the bandwagon. We likely won’t find out until the ratings come in after Community returns, but either way, fans should be pleased to have classes back in session in just over three weeks..


  • Phoenix

    Awesome news! But didn’t Community always aired on Thursdays at 8/7c?

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  • ssharp


  • ssharp


    • Eric Nixon

      What this guy said

  • CanIHaveASlice?

    I can breath again…this is my favorite show on television. I own the first two seasons on DVD, I’m on my 3rd viewing and the woman I’m in love with has joined me in my obsession. I’m so excited!

  • Tim

    Ughh… I was hoping it was gone…

    • Anon

      Then don’t watch it.

    • Deadpool

      Why would you hope a show was gone? That doesn’t make sense.

      If you don’t like a show. You wouldn’t watch it. And so it doesn’t effect you in any way. I don’t like Two and a Half Men, but i also don’t care if it stays or goes because it doesn’t matter to me.

      Please stop Trolling. Or get better taste in tv shows.

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  • Strong Enough


  • Dogg

    After that “Glee” episode I’m officially on board. That was genius. I just hope we see a lot more of that and a lot LESS the Chang and Dean Pelton. Those two characters are throwbacks to bad 80s sitcoms and bring the show down whenever they’re on screen.

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