NBC Close to Season Five Renewal for COMMUNITY; Cancels GO ON

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While the fate of low-rated NBC sitcom Community seemed all but certain just a few weeks ago, it appears that the network is having a change of heart.  Fresh off an uptick in ratings for last night’s season four finale, the folks over at Vulture report that NBC is very close to renewing Community for a fifth season.  It’s unknown how many episodes the show would return for, but a shortened order seems likely.  That being said, the series only needs 16 more episodes to get to 100, which is the golden number for a lucrative syndication deal.

On the flipside, the network has decided to cancel the Matthew Perry comedy Go On.  The show premiered last fall to solid ratings and was one of the best performing new shows of the season, but when its lead-in The Voice took a midseason break, Go On’s numbers plummeted.  The show was actually pretty solid and boasted a really funny ensemble cast, but rumors have been swirling lately about a comedy overhaul at NBC so it sounds like Community and Parks and Recreation might be the only ones to make it out alive.  For more on NBC’s renewals and pilot pickups, click here.

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  • Wega

    Six seasons AND a movie!!!!

  • Lex Walker

    If you’d asked me before this last season if I wanted Community to go on (pun slightly intended) I’d have said definitely. But now…I’m kind of hoping for its death just so it could die with some dignity intact.

  • Tiago Andrade

    Community was kinda lost for most of this season, but it seemed to be back in tracks in the last few episodes. Anyway, Go On deserved better luck.

  • pwnednoob

    If it gets picked up… any chance of Dan Harmon coming back as Show Runner now that Chevy has left the show?

    • I’mNotTheGreatest

      It was never about Chevy. Sony and NBC hated Harmon

  • theseeker7

    Go On was “solid”? Come one. Mind you, I’m a HUGE Matthew Perry fan, I watched all 9 episodes of “Mr. Sunshine”, I really wanted to like Go On and gave it a very fair chance. I think til about episode 5 is as far as I got til I couldn’t take anymore. Most of the supporting cast was painfully one-dimensional and unfunny. I even did return specifically for the Courtney Cox episode, and confirmed that I’d left the series at an appropriate time, because it was just as tepid.

    I really hold out hope that Matthew Perry can find the right vehicle for him (I adored him in the short lived “Studio 60″, but Go On just wasn’t it anymore really than Mr. Sunshine was. I mean even with how clunky this first Harmon-less season that Community was, it was still far superior to Go On (and most every other sitcom out there). With a couple of rare exceptions, the 2nd half of this season’s Community actually had several hits out of the park.

  • shadypotential

    community still going strong? nice

  • DoobieDave

    NBC would be very smart to give them another 16 episodes at least. This show will do very well in syndication. It won the Best Show on Hulu the past two years I think. This is a show I think probably actually has double the audience than the ratings it gets on TV.

  • Travis Vang

    I’m so excited to hear that Community has been renewed, but I’m bummed that Go On hasn’t been. NBC has really shaken up their programming lineup, and I hope the fifth season of Community turns out well. There are still a few episodes of both shows that I’ve missed because I’ve been working nights at DISH, so I haven’t been home to watch primetime TV. Thankfully I have Go On and Community both set to record to my DISH Hopper so I can keep up on my schedule. It can store and record over 400 hours of HD content too, so I don’t have to be concerned with deleting them just to make room for my family’s favorite shows later on.

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