Watch the Hilarious Opening from Last Night’s Series Premiere of CONAN

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It’s been a long nine-month wait since Conan O’Brien exited The Tonight Show and the premiere of his new TBS late night talks show Conan, but the flame-haired comedian didn’t disappoint.  He was funny, affable, self-deprecating, clever, personably, and basically the Conan O’Brien we’ve all come to know and love.

But what happened in those nine months when Conan was off the air?  No, he didn’t go off on some delightful cross-country live-tour.  Hit the jump for the real story of what happened “Last Season…on Conan.”  [Update: TBS has sent us a press release regarding the ratings for last night's premiere.  You can read it after the jump.]

Here’s the press release we received regarding the ratings of last night’s series premiere:

Conan O’Brien’s Long-Awaited Return to Late-Night Television
Attracts a Young Audience with Median Age of 30

Conan O’Brien’s new TBS talk show was a hit with young viewers Monday night, delivering an audience with a projected median age of just 30.  Conan – which featured guests Seth Rogen, Lea Michele and Jack White – was watched by 2,451,000 adults 18-34; 3,285,000 adults 18-49; and 4,155,000 viewers.

O’Brien has a strong following among younger viewers, and social media has proven to be a key way for him to connect with his fans.  “Conan’s audience has been very vocal online, and he clearly made a smooth transition from Twitter to TBS,” said Steve Koonin, president of Turner Entertainment Networks.  “Conan delivered an extraordinary audience and stands out as the youngest late-night talk show on television.”

Tonight, Conan will welcome guests Tom Hanks, Jack McBrayer and Soundgarden.  Upcoming guests include Jon Hamm, Fistful of Mercy and Charlyne Yi on Wednesday; and Michael Cera, Julie Bowen and Jon Dore on Thursday.

Conan originates from Stage 15 at Warner Bros. Studios and is produced by Conaco LLC.  Jeff Ross is the executive producer.


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  • Droncz92

    He had something like 11 kids and was sitting there in a wife beater! It was hillarious! Then I passed out, didn’t even make it ten minutes in.

  • InfiniteMonkey

    This guy is the best. LOL!!!

  • Zzji Gg

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    • old soldier

      Unless you have a Masterbating Bear action figure don’t advertise here anymore.

  • old soldier

    Take that Leno! You can call him Conan the Destroyer!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad he is back. I laughed the whole time. CONAN is the best. The intro was genius.
    My late night void has been filled.

    I read some other reviews that said it was kinda “so-so”. I agree it wasn’t as huge as his Tonight Show premiere but I sill thought it was great. Besides this show is supposed to be on everyday (except fri,sat and sunday) and for a long time. He’s not gonna put everything on the first show.

  • pills26

    I love Conan, and am psyched that he’s finally got his own show again, but it seems during the hiatus I found someone better: Craig Ferguson. I’m sorry Conan.

    • Anonymous

      Technically you can watch both.

  • sense11

    I have a large smile right now.

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