Conan O’Brien Doesn’t Think Chris Hemsworth Was the Right Choice for THOR

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Unless you’re Australian, you’re probably not familiar with Thor leading man Chris Hemsworth.  American ignorance about the actor turns out to be a huge boon for Conan O’Brien as he decided to put a slightly effeminate spin on Mr. Hemsworth’s performance.

Hit the jump to see what I mean.  Thor opens in 3D on May 6th.

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  • Alex H

    “Unless you’re Australian, you’re probably not familiar with ‘Thor’ leading man Chris Hemsworth.”

    Or if you’re a fan of the newest Star Trek! He was in it for less than ten minutes, and his performance was incredible. I’m very much looking forward to seeing him in a lead role.

  • Brian

    Ahem…FUCK Conan O’Brien.

    • Deana

      Obviously, Conan doesn’t know schitt!! Because Thor was a hit and so is The Avengers!! And Chris Hemsworth is INCREDIBLE!! (And easy on the eyes!!!)

  • Ringbearer1420

    Because everyone knew Mark Hamill before star wars, and Sean Connery before Dr. No.

  • Jim

    Is there anything this guy does that’s funny?

    • Kevin


  • Jim D.

    Conan. Don’t call us. We’ll call you.

    Marvel Studios

  • colin


  • Kyle

    Uhh… Ringbearer, you know he’s kidding right?

  • norris

    There’s a couple fan boys here that obviously don’t get that it’s just a good natured joke.

  • mark

    I hope he brings his hammer when he does Conan’s show!

  • cobby

    Since losing his show to Jay Leno

    Conan has become a shit head , sorry to say conan looks like you work for WB thats why bashing marvel

    • norris

      He’s not bashing marvel!! It was a joke, get over it.

  • Old Man’s Balls

    Wow, get a sense of humor.

  • Andrew

    geez can’t take a joke. i guess that’s why you were poop socking it last night playing world of warcraft.

  • wolfbane

    I’m glad Conan thinks that was funny. I think it’s insulting.

    • norris

      Insulting to who?

      • LEM

        Yeah insulting to who? why do so many people have no sense of humor anymore? It’s like they think they need to be “offended” by something just for the sake of bitching.

  • Paul

    he’s known in uk, due to been in a cheesy aussie soap home and away he appeared in for a few years same one as ryan kwanten

  • Kori

    Wow, people really need to get a sense of humour. I’m Australian, think Hemsworth is a great actor and I found this hilarious. I love Conan as well. Better than any other late night talk show host.

    Stop acting so butthurt, it’s just a joke. Chris Hemsworth is probably sitting at his computer screen laughing right now telling his friends to come watch it.

    • SuperSeanski

      I agree. I really hope Hemsworth does the Conan show and starts the interveiw doing that voice.

  • H20

    I can’t believe there’s actually an article that is about taking an obvious late night joke seriously and taking it as if Conan said this in an interview or something. Wow.

  • SRSLY?

    Its a goddamn joke, lighten up nerds.

  • Elitist Prick

    I laughed and am thankful this was posted. Nice.

  • Johan

    Well its kinda true, Chris isn’t even Scandinavian and has an obvious Anglo looking phenotype rather than a Nordic one. Alexander Skarsgaard was not only actualy Scandy but he was also a much better choice and actor.

    • Andrew

      Uhm… you do know that the Anglo-Saxons are from Hellstatt Nordics with a mix of Upper Palaeolithic Brünn, but the Nordic element has always been dominant and have, together, made them more robust. However, discerning between an Anglo-Saxon phenotype and a pure Nordic one (most common in Norway now btw) would be extremely hard as the two came from the same intermediate.

  • Migz13

    haha. That made us crack up. I love how he (or she?!) yells the name Thor! in the end. haha:P

  • sharrow

    welcome to our website

  • Steve

    The hell are people getting so worked up for? Lighten up guys, it’s just a joke…

    • yob_dren

      JOKE??!!! Cry havok and let slip the dogs of war!!! He is not worthy to bear the great Sumerian’s name, and we must glut the maw of death with his pale flesh.

  • yob_dren

    I swear by the hallowed halls of Valhalla that this grave insult to Mr. Hemsworth’s dignity will not go unavenged. Let Loki be my muse as I plot the destruction of the dreaded Ginger Man.

  • gorgo

    I don’t mind the jokes of late night Tv shows & I do enjoy them for the most part. Still, to sling mud at a heavily promoted movie before they open is unusual, no? Conan is not on big network so he could say or do anything he wants. But don’t be surprised if Viacom/Paramount gets medieval on his arse.

  • jymmymack

    How is this in any way a big deal? It’s a humorous joke about a current movie. Conan did this back when the first Shrek was coming out. He made a joke about how Shrek killed himself after Fiona cringed when she first saw his face. Mudslinging at a kids movie? No. A joke. Just like this is a joke, too. Get over it.

  • ART

    Really, we’re playing this game?

    It’s the tonight show…

    They make fun of everyone, including their guests, lol.

    He was just poking fun at it, and it was pretty funny to hear that voice say “Take that bitch” lol.

    You geeks slay me. Glad I don’t associate with you. You all need to learn humor. Take a tip from Deadpool and stop taking yourselves so seriously over this stuff. Jesus. It’s a comic book.

  • nawtnt

    That was funny!

  • wacko3205

    Oh man…dang that was pretty much one of the most hillarious things that I’ve seen Conan do in quite some time. Can’t wait for this movie…& I’d hazard to say it might be better if they used the above voice over. Kabloooooowee!!

  • Tey

    OK this is like the funniest shit ever. Ever time I replayed it I laughed.

  • Dan J

    There was NOTHING mean spirited about that at all. Marvel wouldn’t have allowed him to use their property otherwise, and I’m SURE Chris Hemsworth got a good laugh out of it.

  • Captain Obvious

    Deep breath Hemsworth fans with posters on your wall…Conan was joking…Jeez…

    Also- Yes, Coco is funny.

  • squeezy_cheese

    BAHAHA! I would watch the whole movie like that!

  • Linda

    I´m guessing that you have never set foot on Scandinavian soil.
    The actor does not look scandinavian and a blond wig is not gonna help with that. High cheekbones is a must and this actor does not have that nor any other scandinavian physiognomy or the right dialect. The guy is not bad looking, but he does look very english and yes there is a big difference.

    And I for one think it is bad taste to do a comic or a filmhero based on a religious figure, and to tvist it like this is even worse. Asatro is a religion that is still practised and a part of the scandinavian legacy.

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