Teaser Trailer for CONAN THE BARBARIAN

     March 11, 2011


The teaser trailer for the Conan the Barbarian reboot has gone online. The film stars Jason Momoa as the eponymous Conan, with Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, and Rachel Nichols rounding out the cast. This is very much a teaser trailer, with merely flashes of footage popping up in a puff of smoke. While Momoa is definitely no Schwarzenegger, it’s tough to get a sense of what the flick will actually turn out like just yet. I’ll reserve judgment until a theatrical trailer gets released, or at least until we see more than dancing smoke people. Directed by Marcus Nispel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot), the film is set to be released on August 19th in 3D. Hit the jump to check out the trailer.

Here’s the trailer for Conan the Barbarian (via Yahoo!):

  • Rob

    Here we go with another pretty boy again with a degree in ballet action. One of the great things of the Conan character was that he was large, imposing and directly killed what had to be killed. But PC continues to prevail at the box office.

    • Michael

      Just how is it “PC”?

      That’s a nice little “catch-all” phrase you and the other conservatives cooked up, concocted and fooled the masses into believing is a legitimate argument, but what exactly do you mean?

      You do realize that Hollywood is still extremely conservative, casting white people for almost all main and supporting roles, right?

      I’ve encountered enough people who argue like you do to know that, essentially, what you mean is that you want white people in all roles. Persuade me that I’m wrong, without resorting to “Repeat the lie enough, and it becomes true” nonsense.

      • Al Harron

        Conan needs to be white for a very specific reason: he’s a barbarian from the grim, cold north, a dark land not unlike Scotland or Scandinavia, all of bleak woods, overcast skies and forbidding crags. While Jason Momoa’s half-Hawaiian, he also has Irish ancestry in him: his tanned skin could easily be explained from years wandering around the southern lands. Momoa’s not the problem here.

        However, I reject the idea that all opposition to non-white roles in white roles inherently means that the argument *really* means “I don’t want any black roles whatsoever.” That’s a strawman. I don’t want a black person playing a white character any more than I want a white person playing a black character.

        No, not every role has to be white. I fully agree, and I bemoan the lost opportunity to use Jon Stewart instead of Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern. However, there are some situations where a character’s ethnicity is tied to the setting, theme and logic of the story. In any case, rather than replace traditionally white roles with ethnic minorities, I would prefer it if new roles were created or adapted without the impression that the only way a black, Asian, Native American or Hispanic character can be popular is by supplanting a white role. Forget a black James Bond: create a new suave super-spy who was black to begin with.

        That’s all I’m saying.

  • nelson

    pretty boy lolol

    yes momoa is a good looking handsome guy but he is no pretty boy

    i guess christian bale is a pretty boy who played batman then

    also his voice does not sound like a so called pretty boy

  • Angmal

    Hope the CG smoke and flame in this teaser isn’t indicative of the movie’s production values. Looks a bit, well, shit. And why call it Conan The Barbarian? If you want to avoid the ‘remake’ tag, lose the subtitle or use a different one. The character doesn’t require it.

    • Jesus

      Actually, having “The Barbarian” is probably necessary now more than ever, thanks to Conan O’Brien’s TBS show just being called Conan. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think anyone will confuse a tall pasty redhead for a musclebound, eyeshadow wearing lunk with a sword…but still.

      • Angmal

        My point is, having exactly the same title as the first film is a bad idea. It could be ‘Conan The [Something-Or-Other]‘ if a subtitle is considered necessary, but not Barbarian or Destroyer. If they want it to seem new rather than a cash-in on nostalgia for previous versions, I think this is a big misstep. They’re even using the exact same logo, aren’t they? Or does that pre-date the Milius era (someone enlighten me if that’s the case)?

      • Al Harron

        Angmel, while I don’t know if the specific logo predates the film, it does look extremely similar to the one from the 1982 film. That doesn’t help things at all.

  • Terry

    WTF!!! That movie is going to be the biggest turkey of the year.

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  • prashant

    I sometimes dont understand the characterization happening in terms of rebooted movies nowadays. Conan particularly made famous by Arnold and simultaneously by the games, comics depicts the one as a superb, robust, manly character which supposedly looks like a real man who has taken fierce blows on his jaws, faught with grizzlies & alligators, has pounded incredible blows with his weighty swords, axes etc. But now i am seeing momoa who looks like he has come out of a parlour with not a single sign of penace, vengeance which barbarian warrior has on his face. Same is the case with capt america i mean i enjoyed cris evan as COCKY, Funny superhero in FANTASTIC 4 i really never imagined him as CAPT america what??? is america short of actors!!!!. I mean i feeling Barmy.

  • Lob Taylor

    My exact sentiment HE LOOKS TOO PRETTY FOR CONAN!!!!!!!!!

    ….the voice is right though. BUT CONAN never spoke but a couple of lines in the first flick. I feel doom here.

  • chicgoods15
  • Nick Reynolds

    wheres Arnold? lol

  • Terrell Henry

    This is either going to be the biggest turkey ever, or it’s going to be awesome. Seeing how there hasn’t been a Conan movie in 30 years, you would think they would show a little more in the teaser. Since they’re doing the smoke thing for the teaser trailer, says to me it’s going to be a turkey.

  • gee boy

    epic fail!

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