Red Band Trailer for CONAN THE BARBARIAN

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The red-band trailer for director Marcus Nispel’s (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot) remake of Conan the Barbarian has been released. It’s certainly epic-looking, and extremely bloody. I like Jason Momoa for the part, but after catching up on HBO’s Game of Thrones it’s really hard to look at him in a medieval/carnal context without thinking of Khal Drogo. If he rips someone’s throat out in Conan, then my ticket is 100% sold.

The tone Nispel is going for with the film works, but the music in this trailer is horrible. I first thought it was some cheesy 80’s action-movie song, then the vocals came in. It just reeks of douchebaginess. Nevertheless, the actual film looks pretty cool. The film stars Momoa, Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, and Rachel Nichols, Conan the Barbarian hits theaters August 19th in 3D.

Here’s the trailer (via IGN):

Here’s the official synopsis:

A quest that begins as a personal vendetta for the fierce Cimmerian warrior soon turns into an epic battle against hulking rivals, horrific monsters, and impossible odds, as Conan realizes he is the only hope of saving the great nations of Hyboria from an encroaching reign of supernatural evil.



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  • gcm443

    fucking awesome, Hollywood Undead lol

  • Ahnuld is Conan

    Well, I’m steadily getting sold on the idea, mainly because Momoah is great in Game of Thrones.

    This trailer looks good, though 3 things are ruining it for me.

    1, His voice, its too American. Arnies accent added to Conan being of foreign decent, and diminished signs that we were watching a “Hollywood” movie.

    2, That damn awful Heavy Metal trash music they put over the trailer, fire whoever is responsible for this (fire with a gun!) This metal is ruining so many trailers these days.

    3, Lack of the line ” Ve must crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentation of their vimen!

    • OneEyedWillie

      Who cares about the accent? Arnie barely spoke in his movies… how about James Earl Jones accent, you disliked it too? I’m a big fan of 82′s Conan, but this is a completly different product… when I get nostalgic, I put my Arnie’s Conan DVD to play! simple as that.

      But I really miss Basil Poledouris…

      • tarek

        You cited two of my favorites: James Earl Jones and Basil Poledouris (RIP)

        The music of Basil Poledouris is a masterpiece.

    • Taranaich

      1, His father had an American accent, he was raised by Mongols, yet he ended up with an Austrian accent… go figure.

      2, That garbage ain’t heavy metal. That’s mallcore at best.

      3, That line was awesome in the 1982 movie, and perfect for the character in that film. This isn’t the 1982 movie, and this isn’t the 1982 film’s character. It’s a new film based on a character created in 1932. I hope we go the entire film without a single reference to that line.

  • Bill Graham

    The music was fine, until the singing came in… That last visual wasn’t very good either. But everything before looks like a ton of dumb fun. It isn’t trying to be anything more and seems to embrace it.

  • Tarek

    Looks pretty good. I wasn’t very found of Momoa as Conan, but now, I’m beginning to give him more and more credit.

  • OneEyedWillie

    yeah, now I have no doubts at all! there’s the hyborian violence and gore that I expected! But the score is terrible… hope they fix it!

  • Susie

    Jason Momoa is a HOTTIE!

    This movie looks rad… best trailer yet! Not sure why people are hating on the score.. I think it is awesome!

  • dee

    Love Jason Momoa and I’ll definitely see this movie becasue of him. But I agree the music is horrible. I hate it, loose it please and it better not be in the movie.

  • Andy

    That song could be there to grab the attention of new or casual fans. I bet the actual film score Tyler Bates is composing will be amazing, and faithful to the spirit of the franchise.

  • shaunx

    Khal Drogo is back with a hotter chick !!!!

  • Alex–

    Yeah, the heavy metal is definitely overdone. Does anyone still think heavy metal is badass? Definitely missing those war drums.

  • MC ATTAck

    It is a thirst for blood!!!!!

  • bronx

    Terrible. Very SyFy channelly.

  • Conan

    I liked the music in the trailer. Does anyone know who the band is?

    • keir

      hollywood undead


    Looks like the male equivalent to ‘Bloodrayne’

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  • Paraskevas

    Well this monkey actor who plays Conan and the sond deserve each other,both are the worstest choice and something else for the people who arent familiar with the Conans history learn this from a man tha bother more than 26 years with Conan project,the only thing that is correct with the Conan tails is only tha names nothing else!!! So think twice before you get conviced that is true Conan movie this is something else whatever you want EXEPT Conan.

  • zach

    songs by called no.5 by hollywood undead, not a bad song just doesnt work with the trailer

    • mike

      That song is called Undead by Hollywood Undead not No. 5

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