Cosplay Invades Comic-Con! Over 140 Cosplay Images Including The Silver Surfer, Beetlejuice, Bane, Catwoman, the Joker and Many More

     July 16, 2012


Every year at Comic-Con, half the fun is seeing all the people that Cosplay.  While the convention is full of famous panelists, Cosplay allows Con-goers to dress up like any superhero, anime character, or even  Darth Helmet from Spaceballs and get huge props from their fellow attendees.  While the percentage of people doing Cosplay this year felt a little lower, I was still able to snap over 140 images.  If you’re a fan of Star WarsStar TrekBeetlejuice, The Silver Surfer, Batman, Catwoman, Bane, Shazam, The Flash, Zelda, Elmo, GhostbustersG.I. Joe, Pixar’s UpTotal Recall, Prometheus and so much more, you should definitely hit the jump.

Finally, a big thanks to Bill Graham and Charles de Lauzirika for some of the pics.  Click here for all our previous Comic-Con and WonderCon Cosplay pictures.

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Click here for all our previous Comic-Con and WonderCon Cosplay pictures


  • Kai

    The cartoon Joker, Batgirl, and Bane and Batman are so good.

    I think the most impressive one is the Engineer from “Prometheus” though. Wow. He almost looks like a statue.

  • Griz

    Reeeeaaaallly digging the sleeping beauty lingerie costume.

  • Migzter13

    The Comic/Cartoon Joker was the BEST!:D

  • Zachrifice

    Gotta agree with the first post. The engineer from Prometheus is without a doubt the most impressive of em all.


    love joker./bane/batman

    also the transformers prime Knockout-Breakdown combo is impressive!!!! Anyone else here who likes TF Prime?

    • MiraiBaby

      Total Transformers nerd here! Breakdown actually belongs to me, Knock Out to my BFF Forever. Thanks for the compliment! :D

  • sense 11



  • Bill Graham

    While I’d love to say that the Engineer is just a fan, I have a feeling he and his cohorts from Weyland are not. Every time I saw them was outside of the Con. Pretty sure they were part of Fox. Nonetheless, his costume was great. Glad I got a quality picture of him.

  • Anette

    Haha, Chef Vader? And that Joker’s smile is really disturbing, but he is really cool! :)

  • mez

    No Ivy Doomkitty? She was gorgeous as a trek babe! Google her now!

  • Dodge_hickey

    The engineer and Spy Vs. Spy are really good!

  • Mark

    Wonder how many people recognized Dark Helmet.

  • MY oh MY

    never seen so much nerf on one place… and so many no lifers.
    Air is clearly wasted on wrong life forms

  • Singularity

    Kid from Up was great.

  • Craig

    The Ash kid was the best!

  • Yoren

    there a lot of really pretty girls in these photos. Didn’t know so many of the ladies were down for such antics.

  • Phil Beta

    Chef Vader got that one right, but no one will go for such dish.

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  • Ryan D

    Actually guys the Engineer was for the new Nerd porn craze going on and the Batman, Bane (Me), and Bank Robber Joker is myself and a couple friends. I will say even though it was a Nerd Porn affiliate that dude looked like the damn Engineer in the movie and was spot on facial wise


    Some of these costumes are cool, but the costumes @ Dragon Con are much better. The “Engineer” and the Quanto from the original ‘Total Recall’ are the best I see here.

  • ivy

    i like it :)

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