Cosplay Invades Los Angeles! Tons of Pictures From Anime Expo 2011

     July 1, 2011


Just a little while ago, I was at the Los Angeles Convention Center taking tons of pictures at this year’s Anime Expo.  While the Expo used to be held in Anaheim, it moved to downtown L.A. a few years ago so they could accommodate more people.  And based on the crowds the past two years, it was a smart move.

While I’ve attended many conventions, the thing that really impresses me about Anime Expo is the level of fan participation. A huge percentage of the crowd dresses up.  While Comic-Con may be more popular, Anime Expo beats it in terms of attendee participation.  At any rate, I went to the Expo to take pictures of people in costume, and if you hit the jump, you’ll see almost 70 images.  Some are really well done.

Click on any picture for a high resolution version and for more info on the Anime Expo, here’s the website.  It’s open through July 4th.  You can also check out my 2009 and 2010 image recap.

For more Cosplay images, here’s my 2009 recap and my 2010 recap.


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  • Strong Enough

    image 38 really took my eyeballs out and now am half blind thank you frosty

  • 1AngryMan

    Only at an anime convention can you dress up as a Nazi character from an anime or the sluts from Sucker Punch & not feel like a terrible person.

  • sense 11


  • Dave Trumbore

    What the heck is #68 from?!

    • Michael

      I think it’s a real zombie!! Run! Flee for your lives!!!

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  • Liam

    22 – She’s totally into it. He’s doing it in hopes of getting in her pants.

  • Susan Griffin

    Amazing pics.2nd last is very horrible…

  • oilpaintings

    very nice.i love cos.

  • Robb

    Those Portal 2 robot costumes are AMAZING!

    Fantastic work!

    • Tmo

      The whole Portal crew is awesome. The gun the boots the robots……amazing, must have taken some time.

  • Anthony

    What’s with the Nazi costumes? Why is it OK? I don’t care if it’s anime or not, it’s disrespectful, creepy and disgusting to take something so socially significant and render it down to something so trite. I don’t know what’s worse – the tasteless cosplayers who dressed that way, the author who took the photo and thought it was cool/ok to do so, Collier posting the image, and everyone who’s reading this and not saying anything or aren’t even bothered.

    • Kropes

      Why should anybody be bothered? It happened in the past, and times have changed. Gays can be gays, Nazis can be Nazis. He’s not doing it in a disrespectful manner, nor does he have the attitude of such a person that would. Times are changing, get over it.

      • Phil Beta

        Agreed. Nobody in there would be as insane/stupid to start talking like Lars von Trier.

      • Jonfen

        Sorry brov. The Nazis and anyone who dresses like one will always be offensive to people (ask concentration camp survivors). And it doesn’t matter if these folk dressed like an anime character, they can go sans swastika at least. This is truth.

      • Rob

        “Why should anybody be bothered? It happened in the past, and times have changed. Gays can be gays, Nazis can be Nazis. He’s not doing it in a disrespectful manner, nor does he have the attitude of such a person that would. Times are changing, get over it.”

        Bullshit. Yes, Gay people are allowed to be gay. Bisexuals are allowed to be bisexual. But comparing either to being a Nazi is stupidity on the level of Glenn Beck.

        And no, people can not be Nazis. The displaying of a swastika in any other place would probably have caused a minor uproar. That costume COULD have been done without it. I’m not saying that Collider should be ashamed of themselves for posting the image, they did so in an innocent article about people dressing up as characters at an Anime convention, but the person that chose to put a swastika on themselves, when I saw that I certainly thought what the fuck?

  • Migz13

    Ah yes… cosplays.
    I always categorize cosplayers in three different kinds:
    The Good, The Bad and the Creepily Awkward.

  • David

    I am so happy seeing posts like these…. How much more happy can I be, after seeing so many stupid ppl, and I am making so much MONEY on them :) YEAH :)

  • Jerkreel

    This VirginCon 2011?

  • !_!

    lol holy crap #4 & #6 are from bleach and #6 nails the kurotsuchi character 100%

    but #4 HARRIBEL looks more like a dude in this pic

  • Shrewd Manifestation

    The Nazi costumes come from the Anime Hellsing which Nazi’s from Brazil called Millennium what to complete world conquest. They have supernatural means to do it witch the aid of vampires, werewolves, and other immortals. Though one thing stands in their way The Hellsing organization that includes Victoria Wingates Hellsing and her servant Alucard the name of modern day Dracula.

  • Shrewd Manifestation

    correction Intergra Wingates Hellsing, I always get Seras Victoria and her names jumbled up. It’s an awesome manga and anime specifically Hellsing OVA

  • Brotesticle

    This shit is gaaaay, bro. What a bunch of nerds.

    • jelly b

      this coming from a person named brotesticle……wow

      • Katlovesanime

        Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was good lol

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  • Matthew Ball

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  • Zizzi Vouchers

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  • Subtle

    Dear Steve, Matt, Brendan, Jason and Adam (please forward to Adam, who did not list his email address )

    This was my first time checking out your site, and I was quite shocked to see that you chose to publicly post pictures depicting Nazi outfits in Image #7 (and #43, others?).
    I actually had to look twice, to make sure that what I was seeing was what I was seeing! Yep, in Image #7, there are not one, but TWO swastikas shown, along with smiling faces, an extremely troubling image, on SO MANY LEVELS. And SO ironic, considering that one of the people dressed as a Nazi is, in fact, of Asian descent: Someone who would NOT have been allowed to live (in dignity) within the Aryan Reich.

    Is in support of Nazis, either during WWII or neo-Nazis? Is in support of white supremacy or segregation? Is in support of anti-Semitism, ableism or genocide?

    If not, then please understand that, by posting certain imagery, without any sort of explanation about YOUR values and beliefs that would contradict racism, anti-Semitism, genocide, white supremacy, etc., that you are implicitly IN SUPPORT of the content. After all, Inaction IS Action.
    Are you, Steve, Matt, Brendan, Jason and Adam, in support of racist, anti-Semitic, genocidal ideology?

    I couldn’t find any sort of written DISCLAIMER on your part, that stated any kind of rejection of racism, anti-Semitism, white supremacy or genocide, which would have detached or distanced you (Steve, Matt, Brendan, Jason and Adam) from the Nazi content and hateful, degrading and dehumanizing value system.

    I’m especially concerned because of the high volume of young people and young adults who are influenced by the content and your perceived implicit support of racist Nazi imagery.
    I’d love to hear back from you – I’d like to know what you think. I’d like to hear whether or not you’ve heard from any other people about this.

    I support the work does to keep the world informed about entertainment news, but I wanted to let you know that the misperception is out there now: “ supports Nazi ideology because of their silence on the matter”. Please prove me wrong! I want to be wrong!
    Sincerely, A Concerned Observer

    • Joseph M

      So…Collider’s a Nazi, white supremacist, pro-genocide website? Raiders Of The Lost Ark, a film made for profit and entertainment had actors dressed as Nazis. By your hysterical logic, this means Spielberg is a filthy Nazi White supremacist. And him a nice Jewish boy, too!

  • PamBot3000

    Collider, you didn’t succumb to pressure and remove the images that a couple of posters complained about…did you? Some people may not approve of what they see in a photo you choose to upload, but you have every right to display it on your site.

    Maybe you should remove the photos that contain zombie costumes since it my be perceived that you support cannibalism, or the photos that depict costumes with horns since you could be labeled a Satanist, or the photos that show robots since you may be suspected of being anti-human…

    I think it’s more troubling that some people think they are the internet police…that their beliefs and opinions are “right” above anyone else’s. Hmmmm, sound familiar?

    Nazis are the most despicable creatures that ever roamed the planet, but let’s get some perspective here. These are just cosplayers, not actual members of the Third Reich! If they truly believed in such a twisted ideology, they certainly wouldn’t be attending an anime convention. Well, highly unlikely anyway…

    It would be great if some folks would educate themselves on the subject of Japanese anime and cosplay before they spout off their presumptuous opinions.

    • Jamie

      I totally agreed with you, you said it all.

  • cosplay

    a good party
    can you invite more?

  • andy

    As soon as I slipped into my gown on the day of the wedding, felt so overjoyed and eager to walk down the aisle and meet my handsome man

  • amber

    what anime show is in image 39?

  • ma.bean hucalla

    wow! awesome..costume! i hope i have one of it!

  • Joseph M

    I used to think badly of the cosplay crowd. Not anymore. Fantastic costumes, with real imagination and a sense of fun. Much more interesting than a stadium full of beer heads with team colours painted on their faces. And holy shit, cosplay girls get hotter every year. Good luck to them all.

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