Over 160 High-Resolution Cosplay Pictures From London MCM Comic-Con

     May 28, 2013

The MCM London Comic Con packed out the ExCeL Exhibition Centre this past weekend, with tonnes of guests, panels and exhibitors to get through. With attendance estimated at around 80,000 over the two and a half days, perhaps the most fun element are the fans, turning up in all manner of detailed and fun cosplay. Panels with Edgar Wright and the cast of Teen Wolf were amongst the most popular elements of the weekend, but the cosplayers always give the Con great character.

It adds a lot of color to the event, with iconic figures everywhere you turn. From Marvel heroes to anime characters, videogame villains to musical protagonists, there’s always plenty to see, and we were on hand to capture the best of the bunch on camera, with the cosplayers being naturally keen to show off their craft. The sheer scale of some of these costumes is impressive, and there are some real feats of engineering in here – moving jaws, flapping wings and articulated weaponry all add to the illusion.  Hit the jump for over 160 high-res pictures.

The event also played host to the UK qualifier for the Euro cosplay championships, with a huge array of incredible entries keeping us watching as the judges decided who would represent the UK at the competitive event. Even if cosplay isn’t your thing, it’s difficult not to get swept up in the energy and enthusiasm that these fans bring to London for the biannual event (taking place on the last full weekends of May and October). There’s still one more to go this year, and we look forward to seeing what creative endeavours October brings our way.  Finally, click here for our coverage of the Teen Wolf panel.

All Photos by Andy Edwards of Paranoid Android

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  • TrekBeatTK

    Jane Porter for the win! She can swing in my jungle any time.
    And props to the Beetlejuice. Any cosplay where I go, “wait, that’s not Michael Keaton?” is a GOOD cosplay.

  • james

    Tim Burton ones like ‘Beetlejuice’ and the X-men ones (including the Deadpool/Lady Deadpool ones) are the only good ones.

    I would have picked the star wars ones but star wars if forever tainted and ruined simply because of jj abrams being associated with it.

    doctor who remake is pure abysmal shit.

    • Jim

      Everything you believe to be true is false.

  • OhDawg

    There is a girl in a pink dress on the lower half of the article, she has a penis on her forehead. A golden penis. I don’t know what that’s all about…

    • nerdgasm

      its from Adventure Time

      • OhDawg

        Cool. Or… not, I don’t know. But thanks for the info.

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  • /tv/

    Holy shit???!

    Is Supergirl supposed to be showing her knickers, pubic hair and also have a hairy stomach?

    I don’t remember that from her comics.

    • Brandon

      Dude…grow up. Human females have hair. Deal with it, you sad little man.
      There is something rather telling that you are clicking on high
      definition of images of cosplay characters inspecting their panties,
      abdominal hair, and crotch regions for a glimpse of public hair. The
      irony of you not being able to score the company of a said human female
      is quite apparent in your deconstruction of them online, the closest you
      will no doubt get with an attitude like that.

      • calebrcrawford

        Man, you do not have to click on a high-res image of that girl to see she is rocking a treasure trail that would make a pre-teen boy jealous. While I do not condone making fun of someone for the simple sake of it, this girl is exposing the midriff (with a belly ring no less) for all to see. As far as American sensibilities go, this is off putting to say the least.

      • Brandon

        To whom is this off-putting…to you? What are “American sensibilities”? If I were to try to use that in a sentence, I might try, “as far as American sensibilities go, anonymously sitting behind a keyboard while making fun of the physical appearance of adolescents is off-putting to say the least.” You don’t get the chance to say you do not condone something immediately after…you know…condoning something via a thinly veiled insult. I don’t know if you understand how “condoning” works. I suppose you meant to imply that because of the way she was dressed, she’s asking for it? As in your actions are justified because of the way she was dressed? If something bothers you, it’s fair game to insult? There is nothing wrong at all with your line of reasoning so long as you understand I am using the exact same reasoning in finding fault with your statements…because I found it off-putting to my American sensibilities.

      • meh

        over-reaction perhaps?… think this is far more telling of yourself than OP.

      • Brandon

        Yeah, I suppose it is in fact somewhat telling of myself…mainly that I don’t mind women being women, that I don’t need society to tell me solely what is to be considered beautiful, and last but not least, that I can be man enough to muster up respect for the opposite sex, even when anonymously commenting on the internet. Meh…I feel sorry for most of the younger generation. Thanks for the compliment!

  • sense11

    Cure Nerdy Women in superhero outfits, is there anything more arousing?

  • Jim

    These were all pretty great.


    Supergirl is hairy as F*CK !!

    • Brandon

      Care to share a link to a picture of you and your girlfriend? Haha…yeah, I didn’t think you had one either.. Keep hating; the ladies REALLY love that in a partner. Good luck in your long and lonely life.

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  • King of the Desert

    Would of thought more Doctor Who and Torchwood.

    • http://www.mediocrityisthenewgenius.com Jeffrey Lamar

      I thought the same thing, but maybe that’s too British for them..lol

  • http://www.mediocrityisthenewgenius.com Jeffrey Lamar

    Someone please explain the “Homestuck” phenomena to me…please.

  • Jason Herr König

    Supergirl outfit should’ve been worn by a curvier (Christina Hendricks) type; not some pale skinny broad.

  • Shave

    That Supergirl picture is disgusting.