Cosplay: Over 200 Pictures from WonderCon [Part 1]

Congratulations WonderCon 2015 cosplayers, you impressed me. While I’ve attended many WonderCons and Comic-Cons, the amount of people dressed up this year might have been a record. No matter where I stood, I always saw someone doing cosplay and what was especially cool about the cosplay this year was the number of new costumes. If you look back on some of the previous years, you’ll see a few people wearing similar outfits, but this year I saw new things like Big Hero 6, tons of Avengers, Arrow and Black Canary, Groot and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy, Casey Jones from TMNT, Dredd, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, all versions of Batman, Edward Scissorhands, and more anime characters that I can mention here. Due to taking almost 450 cosplay pictures, I’m posting half today and half tomorrow. Here’s the first half.

click on any image for high-resolution

  Click here for more WonderCon overage.

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