How Much Does it Cost to Be Iron Man or Batman?

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While it’s incredibly fun to watch superheroes and such save the world using ridiculously expensive toys and gadgets onscreen, some people may take the time to ponder, “could someone actually do all this stuff in real life?”  Well, the answer’s a bit complicated.  A few years ago we saw Forbes consider this very question with the character of Batman, and now a couple of handy infographics have been created that run down exactly how much it would cost for somebody to become Iron Man or Batman.  The grand total for Iron Man is a whopping $1,612,717,000, while becoming Batman is a paltry $682,450,750.  So, yeah, it’s possible, but it would render almost anyone broke (your move, Warren Buffett).

After the jump, you can check out the infographics that run down exactly how these totals was calculated (the Mark 1 armor is free as long as you’re kidnapped and forced to create the suit out of scraps!), so click on to take a look.

Infographics via MoneySupermarket.  Click to enlarge.





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  • Mars

    well for a package of ramen noodles and a can of tuna, you can be Adam Clitwood for a year.

    • j. cho

      I’ve got nothing against the man. But that’s not to say this comment didn’t induce a hearty chuckle.

  • tarek

    A graphite cowl for 1.000.000 $ ? Hum… How did they end up with this costing ? ^^

    • miss mash

      You need to buy a lot of them say 10.000 to avoid suspicion.

      • tarek

        LOL. I missed this part. Yeah… good one.

      • Hykuri

        At least you would have extras.

      • tarek

        Yeah… for 10.000 sequels ^^

  • MAC

    Well the How much does it cost to have CHRIS NOLAN by your side?!?

    I’d choose BATMAN!

    1: Cuz HE’S BATMAN!
    2: He’s got NOLAN!

  • Pragmator

    We’re talking about billionaires … Billions. I assume these people will continue to make astronomical money, so I don’t see how this will bankrupt anyone. Speaking in a theoretical sense.

  • patl

    Batman calculation is off…..they forgot about monthly larynx surgery.

  • Dave

    Let’s add up Batman’s medical bills and see how close he comes to Iron Man then.

    • Shaun

      As if Iron Man wouldn’t be reduced to a stain inside his armor after some of those crashes to the ground?

  • Dave

    Let\’s add up Batman\’s medical bills and see how close he comes to Iron Man then.

  • Heksagonn

    Typical stupid hipster question always fagging it up with book reading and shit.

  • Gus

    People like Heksagonn make me sick. Granted, this is a silly topic, but comments like, “fagging it up with book reading and shit” are beyond nonsensical. It’s sad that people don’t have aspirations of intelligence in this day and age.

  • Melissa Axel

    Wasn’t there a suped up Acura added into the Iron Man mix come Avengers time?

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  • Armand

    What does Batman need with engineering degrees?? Perhaps lucius fox but not bruce wayne, he was trained by the league of shadows!

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  • Shaun

    What I’m really taking away from this is that, really, John Blake has no hope of succeeding Bruce Wayne is Batman, does he? Let alone the lack of training, he certainly doesn’t have the resources.

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  • Daniel

    Bruce Wayne has a Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. And to be fair, Stark did not incur the total cost of the creation of War Machine (that cost went directly to the tax payers of the Marvel universe).

  • poetry hates freedom

    then there’s the hookers…

  • ginfr4nc15

    The worldwide box office take of The Avengers equals the total cost of all Iron Man’s suits. I guess that would be a good start.

    • tarek

      ” I guess that would be a good start.”

      No. It would be a good Stark. ^^

  • inkblot

    I can’t help but wonder what Phoenix Jones would have to say about this…

  • CanIHaveASlice?

    That’s a lot of keesh.

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  • inkblot

    Considering the fiction; Alfred is worth a lot more than a paltry $600m, because he rescued Waynecorp from the wrong hands because Bruce was first declared dead, then came home despondent on his journey to becoming Batman. Also he seems to have some experience. Without giving away much, I can quote Michael Caine, “…we burned the forest to the ground.” Wisdom is priceless. He literally adopted Bruce, you know? Yeah, surrogate FATHER.
    Then consider electrorheological material costs. Homebrew nanotech is complex, but Bruce Wayne is worthy of the endeavor. His mind is on par with that of Lex Luthor.
    Finally, R&D fails in real life once in a while. Having already lost the profit margin to a cost inefficient product, doing something with it besides letting it sit around collecting dust is just smart. Military contracts likely add a fascinating layer to that notion. Cost efficient products are then sold by Waynecorp to those capable of the correct government paperwork (Alfred).

  • inkblot

    $600M was Estate, not Alfred… Great chart…

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  • the big q

    lol i wana be iron man

  • Anonymous

    ewr dsergtfdrggggggggggggggggggggggfuck you

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