Could a 5th FAST & FURIOUS Happen? And could it take place in Europe?

     March 13, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Juts a few hours ago I was at the “Fast & Furious” press junket in Hollywood and I managed to speak with most of the cast. Of course, the big question all the journalists wanted to know was could there be another sequel past this one.

Since I can’t talk about the ending of “Fast & Furious” as none of you have seen it yet, let’s just say the ending leaves many possibilities for a sequel and if they were to continue the franchise, things would be a lot different.

So when we got a chance to ask Paul during a roundtable interview if he’d heard anything about a 5th film he said, “I’ve heard it in the rumor mill. I’ve spoken with executives at Universal at this point and they’re pretty serious about it. They’re developing it. They know where they want it to take place. They want to do it in Europe.”

When we asked if he’d want to do it Paul replied, “I don’t know. I’d really want to put time into it. I don’t think it’d be too hard to make the best one yet. I don’t think the best one has been made yet. If we were to go make a 5th one it would be the best one. Otherwise let’s not do it.”

We then asked if he’d try to have more involvement in the script and he said, “Yeah, I know Vin is in there already. So I’d like to get my day in court. He’s got a big voice and he stays on it.”

After speaking with Paul we also spoke to Vin and he confirmed that he’s already thinking about it. Of course nothing is going to happen unless the latest one opens huge on April 3rd, so if you’re a fan of the franchise, make sure you go opening weekend. And with that, look for full interviews and movie clips soon from “Fast & Furious”.

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