COWBOYS AND ALIENS to Start Filming in July and It Might Be 3D

     January 5, 2010

Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr Conwboys and Aliens movie - slice.jpg

In the midst of a discussion on what the massive success of Avatar will mean for the future of 3D filmmaking, Kim Masters, in her blog at The Daily Beast, dropped a little tidbit on director Jon Favreau’s upcoming Cowboys and Aliens. Masters says the project will commence filming this coming July and, moreover, in light of the gigantic pile of money that Avatar has made, Dreamworks is apparently taking a hard look at shooting it in 3D. In case you missed our initial report, Cowboys and Aliens is slated for release in 2011 and will star Robert Downey, Jr. It’s set in Arizona during the 1800s and follows a group of settlers (or cowboys) and Apache Indians as they band together to fight a force of hostile aliens. 3D or no, it sounds fairly awesome, right?

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I recommend clicking over to the blog for a comprehensive look at where 3D is headed. Obviously, this technology isn’t going anywhere, but, as Masters notes, studios are still very hesitant to give the go-ahead for a 3D shoot given the extensive cost and the lack of theatres equipped to show 3D flicks. The article also has a number of interesting quotes from studio execs, one of whom says something to the effect of, not everyone is James Cameron and not everyone can do what he does with 3D. So, while Avatar is likely to open doors, don’t expect every Tom, Dick, and Ratner to be handed the keys to the 3D store just yet. Because, at this point, it’s still a significant gamble.

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