Criterion Collection Teases 2013 Releases with “Name That Movie” Art

     January 1, 2013


For any film fan, Criterion is the tops as far as home video goes.  It’s always a bit of an event when the Criterion Collection announces new titles as we know that whichever films are released, they’ll be presented in pristine condition with loads of fascinating extras.  To ring in the New Year, Criterion has released a drawing that teases some of their upcoming 2013 titles.  What ensues is a bit of a guessing game as to which pictures correspond to what movies.  We were able to discern David Lynch’s Eraserhead, Guillermo del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone, Peter Brook’s Lord of the Flies, Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last! and Delmer Daves3:10 to Yuma, but we’re hoping our fine Collider readers can help discern the rest.

Hit the jump to take a look at the teaser art, and leave your guesses in the comments as to which films you think correspond to which drawings.

Via Criterion.


  • yblehSdranoeL

    Man screaming out window: Sydney Lumet’s Network?

  • Caleb

    The man with the sword and the birdcage could be Jean Pierre Melville’s Le Samourai starring Alain Delon…?

  • blurb

    Guy dangling from clock = back to the future

    • James Freud

      Dude, you just had your film geek status revoked.

      • ScottX


  • James Freud


  • LeSamourai

    Definitely a Le Samourai Blu-ray re-release, from the birdcage and samurai sword; and a re-release of Autumn Sonata from the music notes and autumn leaves. Perhaps Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid from the man and kid together, and Scanners from the man whose head seems like it’s going to explode, or that could be Network. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what these all turn out to be!

  • Matt

    Eraserhead … based on the guy with the eraser head. You’re welcome.
    Wasn’t sure if the guy dangling from the clock is Hudsucker Proxy. Seems like wrong attire.

    • HS

      Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last.

  • Guy

    Maybe Rear Window? The whole seeing what people are doing in their apartments could have double meaning for spotting all the references to their upcoming releases while also serving as a reference itself to the Hitch film. Has criterion released a Hitchock film yet?

  • m gordo

    That might be a sword AND a birdcage but no way it’s Alain Delon. He’s not wearing a fedora! So, yes part of the clue might be “Le Samurai” but that guy is John Turturro from “Barton Fink.” Which would fit in with the hotel and the flames.

  • person

    i think they guy and the girl with the bird cage might just be to kill a mockingbird but im probley wrong.

  • abettridge

    I’d say “Naked Lunch” is on the cards: that’s a mugwump, not a devil, and Criterion has a great relationship with Cronenberg. Would LOVE to see Le Samourai and Safety Last on blu.

  • jim

    The girl eating candy is Life is Sweet. It looks like a clown to me but the top right could be Man on Wire. Eraserhead seems obvious but I’m still shocked that Lynch is letting someone else release it. I’m guessing that the guy with bread and wine is Last Temptation…or maybe The Passion…..just joking. Maybe even Passolini or deMille for that matter. On the other hand those look like boobs and hair curlers. The boy looking out the window with snowflakes could be Fanny and Alexander, but I’d be disappointed if they included three Blueray re-releases in this. I don’t think the fire is Barton Fink, its behind a gate.