Lionsgate Developing CUBE 3D?

     March 8, 2011


Exciting news for fans of sci-fi horror Cube, Lionsgate are currently fielding pitches for a Cube 3D. STYD reports that there is no word yet on whether the 3D movie would be a sequel or a remake of the 1997 original, but surely whatever they come up with can’t be much more disappointing than Cube 2 or Cube Zero, both unworthy follow ups. Cube offered up a simple premise: seven strangers awake in inside a colossal cube and attempt to navigate their way through a maze of lethally booby trapped rooms to escape the geometric prison.

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cube-movie-posterThe original Cube was a cult hit, launching director Vincenzo Natali in to the sights of sci-fi horror fans the world over and thank God, or we’d never have seen Splice.  It was a great movie, although it stubbornly gave no clues as to why the cube existed or why they were in it, which in a way, gives Cube 3D quite a lot of contextual freedom to work with.

I might be barking up the wrong tree hedging a bet this early, but I’m guessing the synopsis of the 3D film will involve a group of unfathomably annoying people waking up in a cube shaped room surrounded by hundreds of other cube shaped rooms all rigged with obscure and brutal traps. I’d even go so far as to say this could be a sort of splice between Cube and Saw 3D (see what I did there?)  What would be cool is if Natali returned to direct this film. He’d definitely inject some life back in to the concept.

Whatever the case, hopefully we’ll have a formal announcement from Lionsgate soon, and in the meantime, here’s the trailer from the original Cube – looking decidedly retro 14 years on.


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