Lionsgate Developing CUBE 3D?

     March 8, 2011


Exciting news for fans of sci-fi horror Cube, Lionsgate are currently fielding pitches for a Cube 3D. STYD reports that there is no word yet on whether the 3D movie would be a sequel or a remake of the 1997 original, but surely whatever they come up with can’t be much more disappointing than Cube 2 or Cube Zero, both unworthy follow ups. Cube offered up a simple premise: seven strangers awake in inside a colossal cube and attempt to navigate their way through a maze of lethally booby trapped rooms to escape the geometric prison.

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cube-movie-posterThe original Cube was a cult hit, launching director Vincenzo Natali in to the sights of sci-fi horror fans the world over and thank God, or we’d never have seen Splice.  It was a great movie, although it stubbornly gave no clues as to why the cube existed or why they were in it, which in a way, gives Cube 3D quite a lot of contextual freedom to work with.

I might be barking up the wrong tree hedging a bet this early, but I’m guessing the synopsis of the 3D film will involve a group of unfathomably annoying people waking up in a cube shaped room surrounded by hundreds of other cube shaped rooms all rigged with obscure and brutal traps. I’d even go so far as to say this could be a sort of splice between Cube and Saw 3D (see what I did there?)  What would be cool is if Natali returned to direct this film. He’d definitely inject some life back in to the concept.

Whatever the case, hopefully we’ll have a formal announcement from Lionsgate soon, and in the meantime, here’s the trailer from the original Cube - looking decidedly retro 14 years on.


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  • elikias

    Stupid title. Cubes are already 3D.

    • Ben

      Ha! Too true…

    • John A

      I think 3D would a lame name, and i don’t think movie producers should focus so much on “3D” movies, it simply doesn’t entice me. But I would love to see another cube movie. The first one was the best, and the other two whilst not as good i found very enticing and interesting. With the difference in technology between cube zero and hypercube this shows a vast time difference between each one. but I would hope for the next cube, to be the last cube, but tie up all the loose ends. After seeing all 3 cubes, i would love to know what the society around them actually is, how it started, why it started, and what the ended of hypercube has led to, after three moves of being inside a cube, i think it’s time to ‘think outside the box’ if you know what I mean. I do agree that they should bring back Natali to direct it.

  • Kellen

    “Cube 4: Quantum Chaos”

  • dogg

    Hypercube: Tesseract of Death.

  • Steve Rudzinski

    Cube Zero was pretty good but the explanation for what it was/what happened when they got out of the Cube was lame. Also the company.

    Hypercube was awful.

  • William

    I just hope they remember what made the original film good was its ambiguity: That it never answered why, how, when, or who, but rather focused on what. What was happening was important, not how they got there, why there were there, etc. But, knowing Lionsgate, this series is about to board the one-way failtrain to nowhere. Oh well :/

  • pieter

    Finally another cube movie!

    If this movie can live up to the first cube, it will be so good!

  • Gary Nicholls

    Watch Off The Shelf Reviews discussion for Cube here: