First Trailer for CURSE OF CHUCKY

     July 8, 2013


The first trailer for the direct-to-DVD sequel Curse of Chucky has been released online and, spoiler alert, the doll is still creepy as hell.  Director Don Mancini - who has written every single Child’s Play film and directed 2004’s Seed of Chucky takes the helm as Chucky wreaks havoc on an entirely new family.  It’s refreshing to see that Curse of Chucky maintains the practical effects of the previous films, as I imagine it would have been incredibly easy to opt for an entirely CGI-created Chucky.  The production value is actually quite good, and fans of the series will likely be pleased to host a return visit from Chucky in unrated form.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film features the voice of Brad Dourif and stars Fiona Dourif (The Master), A Martinez (Longmire), Danielle Bisutti (CSI: Miami), and Brennan Elliott (Double Jeopardy).  Curse of Chucky will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on October 8th.

Here’s the synopsis for Curse of Chucky:

He’s back! From the filmmakers that brought you Chucky comes the terrifying return of the pint-sized doll possessed by the spirit of a notorious serial killer. When a mysterious package arrives at the house of Nica (Fiona Dourif, True Blood), she doesn’t give it much thought. However, after her mother’s mysterious death, Nica begins to suspect that the talking, red-haired doll her visiting niece has been playing with may be the key to the ensuing bloodshed and chaos. The return of America’s favorite toy, voiced again by Brad Dourif, is unrated and full of more blood-splattered thrills and chills.


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  • Yurine

    chucky’s face certainly went to hell.

  • jay

    yea he looks like a he had a ton of plastic surgery done. hollywood whats next Michael Myers gets a tan or Freddy Kruger gets skin grafts.

  • RiddleThemThis

    From the filmmakers that brought you Chucky… Are they referring to Child’s Play 1?

    • beetleborg33

      The guy who directed the 1st 3 is directing this one

      • Aaron Vannoy

        the first 3 were all done by different directors, the writer of the original is directing this

      • beetleborg33

        Well still I like that its returning to being scary

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  • JimmyDean

    Holy hell people really? Everyone’s complaining about Chucky’s face being different? Hmm it couldn’t be that a newer brand of the toy could have changes in model appearance such as toys do and that the soul was transferred to a newer toy. Also I like that their going back to what worked for the original films. A single family being tormented by a possessed toy. And after the campiness of the last two films I like that their bringing it back to a HORROR franchise. Yeah there still needs to be humor in it and most likely will but honestly this is the best thing they could have done. Introduce the character to a new generation and make the character scary again.

    • beetleborg33

      I agree with you, Chucky was always meant to look innocent to evade that he might be the true killer

  • sense11


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  • Mark Henson

    Anyone else think Chucky looks like Lindsay Lohan now?