August 12, 2013


If you missed Disney’s fan event D23 last weekend (which we recapped here), you’re in luck!  A number of the presentations have been made available online in short video clips.  Unfortunately, there will be none of the sneak-peek footage that was screened at D23, but you can take a look at the special guests and actors that showed up to talk about their upcoming movies.  Marvel’s slate of films includes Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy.  Hit the jump to watch these D23 presentations and find out where you can view many more.

Check out Marvel’s D23 presentations below and head over to D23′s site for more looks at Disney’s other live-action and animated films, plus backstage interviews with cast and crew:


  • name

    show us the damn movie footage, no one cares for this PR bullshit

    • Nic.Cage
      • Leo Spaceman

        That was truly the most beautiful Potato I have ever watched.

        I honestly don’t care how bad the video quality was, I was always confident in Guardians of the Galaxy, even having no idea who the director is but seeing those view blurred moments glory looks like the best of the marvel movies yet. They are really going to take things to the next level with this one and move marvel past the world of sexy men in tights who become heroes and into pure badass orgasmic awesome

  • Werefon

    The only complain i have about is Gamoras green skin. On the concept it looked great but in footage she is like Ang Lee Hulk green!

  • Dean

    Fuck Marvel. We contributed to their billion dollar franchises. I can’t believe the people at home who couldn’t go aren’t allowed to see the footage. Yet were the ones who make those movies possible. It’s only 4 minutes of footage. I contributed, so I think I should be allowed to see it.

    • Werefon

      Steel not getting anything and like few months later Marvel will release the shortened version of footage 15 seconds long!

    • Wes

      The people who go to these conventions give up a lot too. Some people save up a whole year to go to Comic Con than wait in line all day for Hall H just to see those 4 minutes of footage.

      I’ve never been to D23 but i imagine it’s a similar experience.

      Also if you look hard enough you can find any of this footage online. Its not great quality but its still watchable.

    • Wes

      GotG footage.

      Took literally two seconds to find

  • Strong Enough

    marvel is a joke.

    • boozer

      Just shut the FUCK up!

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  • brNdon

    Not thrilled about Star Lord’s look in that image. Looks like something out of Firefly. I hope that they don’t make him look like such a space cowboy in the movie.

  • Joe

    GOTG – hmmm…not bad at all!
    Cap 2 – I’ll take the stairs thanks!
    Thor 2 – if you squint hard enough you’ll realise it’s a Thor 2 clip!

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