LOST Co-Creator Damon Lindelof Gives PAUL Some Tips about Alien Comedies

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It’s tough out there for an alien in a sci-fi comedy, but thankfully, Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof has some tips for the titular star of the upcoming Greg Mottola film Paul.  Lindelof sent an open letter to Paul with a few tips on how to avoid the pitfalls of other sci-fi comedies with aliens.  For instance:

1. The camera is always rolling. Seen those ALF outtakes where he seems to think the N-word can be amusing in the proper context? Yeah, it’s not. And where is ALF now?

5. Mac and Me is a distillation of everything risky about this genre: It is simultaneously the fifth-best alien comedy ever made and the worst movie of all time. Just do the opposite of everything they did, and do not, under any circumstances, change your name to facilitate a fast-food tie-in.

Since Paul is coming out on Friday and the promotional materials haven’t been changed to read “Subway”, I think we’re okay on that last one.  Head over to GQ to read Lindelof’s other tips for Paul.

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  • Lost it at the end

    Hmmm, dishing out advice from a creator of Lost?

    Heres some advice from a huge ex-Lost fan… Have a plan before you start so that you dont end it in a shitty way that will anger most loyal followers!

    And answer all questions that you create, rather than just asking new ones with the hope to make viewers forget that most previous ones were unnanswered!

    • Chris

      Stop with the anti-LOST crap people! Sure the last episode wasn’t amazing, but I still can’t believe how people call themselves ex-fans because of one episode. I swear if it had ended properly we would have heard none of this crap. People are willing to forget over a 100 awesomely written episodes for 1… pathetic. Also, those who claim questions haven’t been answered haven’t done research. There was a prologue that was released that offered answers and lots of excitement. Many questions can be answered by just thinking about it (why can only candidates have babies on the island?.. because the black smoke can’t touch em’. Polar Bears? Dharma experiments.)

      I find it interesting how the finale brought out those who really loved the series because they understood what it was trying to do and how it was doing it (i.e. using sci-fi as a tool for character development rather than for plot). People expected a huge sci-fi action ending, but realize that every episode dove deeper into a character because that’s what the whole series was about: characters and their desire for closure. That’s what the finale offered us.

      • Gojira

        You seem easily pleased!
        It isn’t anti lost crap, it is a fact that a series that was genius, withered and died with no real direction.
        Studios decided when to end the series and the writers had to write filler to keep it airing (these are the words of the actor that plays SAYID, on a talk show after series 4 aired!) That fact became apparent as the last series aired, there were too many story arcs created that were left hanging, which basically means the ending ruined everything that had gone before it.

        Think of it as a big delicious cake, but inside at its core is a turd. Do you eat around the turd and say that was a nice cake? Or do you reach the turd and think this cake is shit! ?

  • David

    Who knew the first comment was gonna be someone bitching about the end of Lost…

    Waaaaaahhh my laundry list of questions werent answered…waaaahhh

    Give me a break…everyone loved lost until the last episode–then everyone called it a pile of crap. Don’t be so obnoxious…


    • Jesus Jones

      Hmmm, So I take it you LOVED Phantom Menace then? Attack of the Clones? I bet you bitch about those on a regular basis about how it raped your childhood and makes tonnes of cash for Lucas!

      A bad ending to something awesome is still a bad ending!

      And it wasnt the JUST the last ending that sucked in Lost, it was much of the last series! It was a silly goosechase where instead of answering many questions it just threw in more goosechase and nonsense. But the ending really capped it off. Most people I know including me, joked (SPOILER) I bet everyones all dead and in Heaven/Hell since about episode 3 of Lost. But as the whole Dharma storyline unfolded it was clear that that was silly, then it was true!

  • David

    Lindelof is such a bad writer he made you watch every single episode of the show…yeah sounds terrible.

    • Jesus Jones

      Yeah, well if someone starts to tell a joke, we listen to the joke! But a bad punchline is a bad punchline! No matter how interesting the joke may appear.

  • Droncz92

    Kinda confused…Is dude saying or making it seem like he saw Paul and doesn’t like it?

  • tim

    I find it hilarious how many people don’t understand the Lost finale and yet have the balls to criticize it.

    • Gojira

      LOL, To “get” Lost you have to understand it as a whole! Its because I and many others DO understand it, that we criticize it!

      Lost is not a series that you get all the way to the end of without getting it. Those people tuned out before series 1 or 2 ended.

      Lost was a show that was so closely studied and analized that the viewer didnt miss a trick, which was possibly its downfall, as expectations were through the roof.

  • Bob Loblaw

    That piece of shit dickhead lindelof is in no position to dish out advice to others when his show fell apart in season 6. Introducing the “heart of the island” a few episodes before the series finale? Ha!

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