COMMUNITY’s Dan Harmon Close to a Deal for New Series on Fox

     July 25, 2012


Over the past three seasons, the NBC comedy Community has proved to be one of the sharpest, funniest, and most enjoyable shows on television.  Much of that credit is due to creator/showrunner Dan Harmon, who was publicly fired from the comedy at the end of last season.  Though Community lives on with new showrunners, fans are understandably upset that the show’s driving creative force is no longer involved.

Given his talent, it was pretty much a given that Harmon would move on to develop some other series—most likely at another network.  It looks as if that’s happening sooner rather than later, as Harmon is nearing a deal to create a new show for Fox.  Hit the jump for more.

dan-harmon-foxPer TV Guide, Fox is close to a deal with Harmon to write a pilot for the network.  No plot details are given other than the fact that it will likely be a multi-camera comedy.  Though the traditional sitcom format seems a strange choice for Harmon, it’s safe to assume the guy knows what he’s doing (*points to 71 episodes of Community*).  The deal has yet to be finalized, but many of Harmon’s Community cohorts have since moved over to Fox, including co-executive producer Chris McKenna who was just nominated for an Outstanding Writing Emmy for the brilliant multiple timeline episode “Remedial Chaos Theory.”  McKenna is currently working on the new Fox series The Mindy Project.

Whatever network or project Harmon chooses as his Community follow-up, I have no doubt that legions of fans will eagerly tune in.  Hopefully things move forward quickly, because there will be a Harmon-shaped hole in our television schedules this fall that’ll be impossible to fill.


  • Zach Swickey

    I’m still completed baffled by his firing. Can’t even imagine how the next season will play out.

    • Norm

      Well, the show doesn’t get the best ratings and apparently Harmon refused to compromise on alot of things…not just big stuff but also all of the small stuff. It was his way or the highway, and they chose the highway.

      Anything can happen but I’m actually not too worried about it. More than a few shows have had their showrunners replaced and have gone along without much fuss, after some initial reaction in the first episode or two no one comments on Frank Darabont’s departure from the Walking Dead anymore. I’m thinking the writers will be able to keep the show as it was before, though I think there might be some cuts to some of the “fattier” things in the show (i.e. more time in the study room, less time in the cafeteria with fifty or so extras running around, probably less Annie-Werewolf CGI too)

  • Colin Biggs

    I only wish that Harmon could have stayed on at Community.

    • JIM

      Harmon had NOTHING to do with Community. What the hell are you talking about.

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